Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en at the Pub

A very happy evening was spent at the pub tonight by a group of village revellers to 'celebrate' Hallowe'en. Sarah and Ted had, as usual, decked out the pub with the appropriate trimmings and eerie swirling smoke greeted diners as they arrived.
The Devilish Dinner consisted of Blood Soup (tomato soup with chilli - wow! Hot!!) followed by Bats Wings (chicken wings and spare ribs with chips). Pud was oranges carved out like a pumpkin and filled with chocolate mousse (Yummy!).
More smoke swirled through the pub as David Pearce announced the winner of the Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin competition. It was one of the Pirates of the Caribbean roughly disguised as Bev Slaughter, who received a bottle of Shiraz. (The weight was half a stone - 56cwt)
Nick won the Best Fancy Dress as one of the Star Wars stormtroopers.



Pirate photos by The Clarks

A New Arrival!!

Trevor Grinstead is proud to announce that he is a Grandad! His daughter Sarah gave birth to Ava-Rose at 8.45pm last night, weighing in at 7lb 12 oz. Both are doing well.
Congratulations to everyone!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

It was heaving again at the Shop!

The Saturday Shop and Cafe was heaving again today and the team working the kitchen were well tired by the end! Fortunately there were no extra stalls poking out into the main body of the hall, restricting the number of cafe tables. After many complaints when extra non-regular stalls were introduced into the hall and some of the cafe tables were moved into the annexe and Hazel Room, reducing the cafe atmosphere, the Steering Committee agreed that only regular stallholders would be allowed in the main hall. This would enable the hall to retain its cafe atmosphere in the hall (which is what the customers want) and not be scattered here and there. Any extra stalls will be set up in the Hazel Room.

Hallowe'en is upon us!

It is Hallowe'en and on Sunday there is a fancy dress competition at the pub. Diners will enjoy a three-course Devilish Dinner and, as usual, much merriment! Pictures to follow.
In the meantime, a Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin competition is under way at the pub. The pumpkin, grown and donated by David Pearce at Weir Quay, is VERY heavy!

Caroline with the pumpkin (and David)

Church Hall Lighting Project

The new lighting system for the hall is about to happen. A duct has been dug across the back of the hall from the road near the entrance ramp and on Monday Western Power Distribution will feed a cable through to the new 3-phase box being fitted this afternoon in the hall.
Further good news is that after the lighting is installed, funding will be sought for a new sound system for the hall!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Apple Fest Wash-up Meeting

The Apple Fest committee held its 'wash-up' meeting tonight to de-brief on the recent event. The Chairman (or 'The Core' as we call him), Brian Lamb, said that although he was very ill and not able to attend the Fest as long as he would have liked, it all seemed to go very well.
Numbers were up on last year. There were no major problems, though a proper PA system was required for next year. It was reported that some people were having their apples crushed into juice and were not paying. Rob offered to devise a system with Peter and Patrick so that anyone bringing apples to be crushed would pay for the service.
Dartmoor Morris are to be invited to perform next year.
It was suggested that the teas and refreshments be held in the Social Club next year to prevent the blockage in the one-way system. Joyce also needs more helpers. The Core will contact the Club.
Wassailing will be on Saturday 9th January.

Advance Notice! Open Parish Meeting

There will be an Open Meeting after the November Full Council meeting in the Bere Ferrers Church Hall on Tuesday 30th November. The Full Council starts at 7.30pm and the Open Meeting will start when it finishes, which, depending on the business to be discussed, may be about an hour.
The meeting is to answer questions or comments about your Parish Council. If you have a question, please send it to the Parish Clerk, Mary Taylor, by Friday 26th November. This should give the Council enough time to source a reply if one is not readily to hand. Mary can be contacted at the new Council offices at the very top end of Bedford Street, Bere Alston, near to the Woolacombe Lane crossroads. Or email her at

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's wet and windy here today! Real autumnal weather for this part of the country. Looking out the window, it looks as though it's here for a while yet. We've had two frosts already in the last week.

Monday, 25 October 2010

New Rubbish Collection System

Today was the second week of the new recycling initiative by West Devon Borough Council. Instead of the same items being collected week after week, we now have a two-week system. Every week the same two items are collected: food waste from the kitchen, saved in what is quaintly called a kitchen caddy, and the normal recycling bin for bottles, cans, newspapers, etc. Only now we can include clothes, plastic bottles, old batteries, old mobile phones and spectacles.
One week the old black bin liners we used to put out every week are collected and on the other week we have large canvas bags for garden waste and cardboard.
It seems to be working well - so far!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Community Shop and Cafe


The Community Shop and Cafe opened its doors in the church hall today and there was soon a bustling atmosphere. The usual stallholders were there, from fresh farm eggs, fresh bread, fresh vegetables, pet food and Fairtrade items to photographs and picture postcards of the village.
Villagers sat round tables enjoying a coffee, perhaps with a slice of delicious home-made cake, catching up on village news!
After some heavy overnight showers and a few this morning, the weather is improving. The sun is out quite a lot and we are promised a good day tomorrow.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Students at the Station

Arranged by Rebecca Cattrall of the Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership, student volunteers from the University of Plymouth spent last Saturday, 16 October, painting and gardening at the railway station. The students worked at the station with the aim to improve the environment for passengers.
Work included repainting the railings at the station in the heritage colours of the old Southern Railway, matching replica period signs installed two years ago.
Rebecca said 'We had 31 volunteers from all over the world really, 13 from China, one from France, one from the Gambia and a few closer to home. I think they all enjoyed the day out and the weather was very kind to us, and Chris (Grove) looked after us brilliantly as always.'
                                      Picture courtesy of the Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership

Off to the Community Rail Conference

It was a cold frosty morning yesterday as Bereferret scraped the heavy frost off his car and made his way to the station. He had the pleasure of the company of Stationmaster Chris as they both took the train to the First Great Western Community Rail Conference at Eggesford on the Tarka Line from Exeter to Barnstaple.
As they had time in hand before the conference started, they both travelled, somewhat bumpily, along the line to Barnstaple. The weather was sunny and the Devon countrside along the Tarka Line was beautiful. It's well worth a day trip.
The conference was informative, with a report from FGW Managing Director Mark Hopwood gave a report on FGW's activities in Community Rail within their franchise. With the increase in passengers on all Community Rail lines, the subsidy per head has been reduced by 40%.
On the return journey Chris and Bereferret were joined by Clive Charlton, Chairman of the Tamar Valley Line Forum. After arriving at Exeter they had a pleasant journey home at a leisurely pace, using local trains instead of the usual express.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Old Timers' Lunch

Every Tuesday lunchtime Sarah and Ted at the pub provide a lunch for Senior Citizens. A two-course meal costs £4.95 (either soup and a main or main and a pud) and it's excellent value for money. For instance, a home-made soup will be followed by a roast dinner or a lasagne or similar. Pudding could be something like bread and butter pudding, rice pudding or ice cream, depending on the season.
There is a group of regular diners who are sometimes joined by seniors from further afield.

Jam Session at The Olde Plough tonight

There is a jam session at the pub on the first and third Tuesday evenings in a month and tonight's the night! Local musicians gather to sing or play and sometimes they are joined by others from across the Tamar in Cornwall.
It's a good night out with pleasant company.

Tuesday's Weather

It's grey and cloudy this morning and we've had some rain. It's not too warm either, but there are patches of blue sky in the west.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Panto Rehearsals in Full Swing - Oh yes, they are!

Rehearsals for this year's panto, Robyn Hood and the Babes in the Wood, are in full swing, under the direction of Jane Hamlyn.

Church Hall Lighting Project

The project to install new stage lighting in the church hall is progressing well. After grants were received from the Belinda O'Flynn Trust and the Community Shop, a quote has been obtained for the supply of the required equipment. A new power cable is to be installed in the hall which will cater for all existing requirements plus the new lighting. The installation of this will start on 1st November. New lighting bars have to be fitted to take the new lighting. It is expected that all will be ready in time for the pantomime in December.
It's a bright sunny morning again, but chilly. There's not a cloud in the sky and the church bells are calling the faithful to Sunday morning service.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Bere Ferrers Women's Institute Celebrate 50th Anniversary

There was a 50th anniversary service for the Bere Ferrers Women's Institute at St Andrew's Church last Sunday. The congregation heard how the BFWI started in 1960 with 40 members, readings were given and, of course, 'Jerusalem' was sung.
After the service the group gathered for a group photo, taken by village resident Bev Slaughter.


The weather in the village today is warm and sunny, but we've been warned of frost tonight. But we can't complain, we haven't had rain for over a week.

New Blog for Bere Ferrers

This new blog is for the village of Bere Ferrers in West Devon. It is for those villagers and friends who are far and wide and want to keep up to date with happenings in this village.
I'm the Bere Ferret and I'll keep the blog updated as much as I can with news from the village and to the village from up country, so feel free to add something!