Monday, 29 November 2010

Apple Group's AGM

A group of ten members of the Tavy & Tamar Apple Group gathered on a bitter winter's evening at the Olde Plough for the Group's AGM.
Chairman Brian Lamb gave his report, followed by one from Treasurer Will Spearing, in absentia.
Elections: Chair- Brian Lamb, Vice-Chair and Treasurer - Will Spearing, Minutes Secretary - Fran Gorringe, Membership Secretary - Patrick Waterfield, PR - Bev Slaughter.
Three members were elected to the Executive: Steve Rickhards, Richard Peden and Matt Wood from Buckland Monachorum.
The Wassailing Evening will be on Saturday 8th January 2011 and proceeds will go to the Devon Air Ambulance.
The Apple Fest will be on Saturday 8th October.
In 2011 there will be more pruning and grafting courses and another visit to Cornish Orchards.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday Shop Buzzing Again

Despite the very cold weather, the Saturday Shop was buzzing this week. With a table for the cafe in the main hall and others in the foyer (and not all jammed into the Hazel Room) there was much more atmosphere yesterday.
After a slow start (probably due to the weather, though it hasn't snowed yet!) the pace picked up around 11. The teams on cafe duty every week always work frantically for a couple of hours, but this week's team (including the Ferret) thought they were in for a quiet one at the beginning. How wrong they were!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The weather is turning colder and it's forecast to become even colder by the end of the week. We've had a couple of frosts already, with much scraping of car windscreens! At the moment the sky is cloudy and I think we've had a shower of rain.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Work Party in the Recreation Field

Cutting the willow
On a sunny but chilly afternoon, four volunteers from the Villagers' Group, Diana Mitchell, Stewart Walker, Roger White and Bev Slaughter, started their regular tidy-up of the area around the marsh, the cycle track and the willow hide. Stewart nobly cleared most of the track, Diana strimmed in and around the marsh, while Roger and Bev reduced the willow shoots and branches that were reaching skywards.
It is good exercise, but there is a lot to do and volunteers from the village are always welcome.

Scilly Buoys Wow the Village

Those Scilly Buoys from the very far west of Cornwall, Bone Idol, brought the house down last night at the Social Club! There hasn't been a crowd like it there for many a month and it was a fantastic evening!
Bone Idol are a close harmony group singing shanties and other similar songs, from the upbeat 'Donkey Riding' to the haunting softness of 'Farewell', interspersed with a lot of humour - mainly concerning the sale of their CD!
The boys started the evening with a session, then were followed by a couple of items from Ferrers Reel, the Irish music trio of Tim and Becca Hamlyn and Rob Smith. They were followed by the full version of the Tavy Tars, who gave several rousing renditions of seafaring songs.
Bone Idol returned to the floor to finish off the evening, to tumultuous applause.
They will be appearing tonight at the Acoustic Evening at the Plough: 'same songs, in the same order!'
Bone Idol

Ferrers Reel

Tavy Tars

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Gig Launch videos

New Gig Launched

Under cloudy skies and with a chill wind blowing, the Tamar & Tavy Gig Club launched their new gig this afternoon. The glassfibre practise gig was built with funds given by the Belinda O'Flynn Trust, set up to remember a well-loved and much missed villager and fittingly the gig was named 'Belinda O'Flynn'.
Club Chairman Rob Smith welcomed nearly 100 people to the Quay at Bere Ferrers and introduced Angela Hooper, Lesley Smith and Ann Jeffries, three of the trustees. The Rev. Nick Law then blessed the boat and a close friend of Belinda's, Sarah Mugridge, with her daughters Kate and Niamh, christened it with champagne.
As the Tavy Tars sang, the gig was taken down to the water and launched to much applause. The first crew of youngsters took their positions and gently rowed the gig into the river.
After the gig returned, most people retired to the pub for tea and a sandwich.
Rob Smith and the trustees

Some of the well-wishers

Rev Nick prepares to bless the gig

Kate, Sarah and Niamh

To the water!

The launch

Off she goes!

Returning home

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pudsey Bear 'Visits' Bere Ferrers

The 10.46 Tamar Valley service from Plymouth to Gunnislake arrived at Bere Ferrers station this morning and on board was a very special person - non other than Pudsey Bear, accompanied by Rebecca Cattrall of the Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership.
Pudsey was travelling as part of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union’s support for BBC Children in Need from Plymouth to Gunnislake and back.  Members of the University’s Big Band were playing on the train and students were selling homemade gingerbread Pudseys to raise cash.
Chris Grove from the Tamar Bell was on hand to whistle Pudsey onwards to Gunnislake.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pudsey Bear at Bere Ferrers

Pudsey Bear is visiting the Tamar Valley Line tomorrow (Thursday) as part of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union’s support for BBC Children in Need.  He will be travelling on the 10.46 from Plymouth to Gunnislake and back.  Members of the University’s Big Band will be playing on the train and students will be selling homemade gingerbread Pudseys to raise cash.

Weather Update

Well, what a change in half an hour! From gales and lashing rain to calm air and the promise of the sun poking itself round a cloud fairly soon! It could be a nice day!

Mobile Library Changes

We are very fortunate in the village in that every fortnight the mobile library run by Devon County Council visits us. In these times of dire economic cuts we were expecting the service to be withdrawn - but it hasn't! However, DCC has changed the day it comes to the village. Originally they wanted the library van to come on Saturday mornings at the Social Club; normally this would have been excellent, but with the very popular Community Shop and Cafe running on Saturday mornings and the attendant parking problems, this was a no-goer!
So some rearranging was requested by Cllr Christine Grills, one of our Borough Councillors. And it worked!
The schedule for the mobile library changes with effect from this January. The library will now visit the village on alternate Tuesdays, not Wednesdays, firstly at the War Memorial from 1.30pm to 2pm, then at the Social Club from 2.05pm until 4pm (Two hours? Don't ask!).
The new timings start on Tuesday 11th January.

The library will not be operating in December, while the van is serviced and the books updated, so any Christmas reading must be obtained at the next and final visit this year on Wednesday 24th November.

Ann Street Says 'Thank You'

As many of you will know, Ann Street has, for many years, run the bric-a-brac table and the second-hand book shelf in the Church Hall. Now the proceeds from these has reached a magnificent figure.
Ann says: 'I would like to say "Thank You" to everyone who supports the "Sale" tables in the Church Hall.  Together, the income from the Bric-a-Brac table (whose proceeds go to St Andrew's Churc) and the second-hand book stall (where the income benefits the Church Hall) has reached the magnificent total of £3000!  The ongoing generosity of local people both in donating goods and purchasing goods is amazing and long may it continue.  Both sale tables are open for business whenever the Hall is open.  Please come and view regularly as the stock changes frequently.  Thank you everyone.'
If you have any article lying around doing nothing (No, not the Old Man!!), perhaps it might raise some money for a good cause!

Stormy Night

As I write, gale-force winds are lashing rain against the window and it's been like this for most of the night. This should rip the remaining leaves from the trees! There are a couple of roads closed because of flooding in Cornwall and it is likely that the lane down the hill into the village near Parsonage Farm will be awash with run-off water from the fields.
Unfortunately thie rain does make the ground very muddy underfoot and this will make it a bit messy for me when I try to get my allotment tidied up and ready for winter.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Like Gold Dust!

The Panto's coming! Tickets will be like gold dust because of the seating restrictions in the Church Hall, so look out for them soon. They will be on sale at Margaret's Hairdressing from 1st December, but I'm sure Margaret won't mind a few advance orders!
Robyn Hood and the Babes in the Wood is a bit different from the 'normal ' panto of this name.  Robyn is not only played by a woman but IS a woman and her 'Merry Men' are 'Merry Maids'.  Jane Hamlyn has adapted the panto from a script by K.O.Samuels, who wrote the last Bere Ferrers panto, Little Red Riding Hood. It has the usual cast of goodies and baddies, two Babes, little Dryads, a King, disguised Prince and a rather strange Sheriff with an even stranger horse!
Dress Rehearsal tickets are a little cheaper because it is a rehearsal and may stop for minor adjustments. Children who are 13 or under are half price.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

New Gig to be Launched

Villagers are invited to attend the blessing and launch of the Tamar & Tavy Gig Club's new fibreglass gig at 3pm on Saturday 20th November at Bere Ferrers Quay. The Rector, the Rev. Nick Law, will bless the gig before it is launched in the prescence of the club trustees.
The celebrations will continue in the evening at the Social Club with the appearance of 'Bone Idol', a close harmony group from the Isles of Scilly (see earlier post on this blog).

Village Remembers the Fallen

In pouring rain, over 35 villagers joined members of the Bere Alston Royal British Legion and some Councillors from the Parish Council to remember those who fell in two World Wars and in conflicts since.
Stan Sherrell read the Roll of Honour of those local people who were killed in the World Wars before wreaths were laid. After prayers from the Rector, the Rev. Nick Law, many of the people at the memorial went to St Andrew's for the service.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Bone Idol at the Social Club

As part of the Gig Launch 'Festival' next Saturday (see above), the Tavy Tars are hosting a visit to Bere Ferrers by ‘Bone Idol’ from the Isles of Scilly. They are eight ‘Scilly Lads’ who sing mainly songs of the sea and can give the famous Fishermen’s Friends a run for their money. Tar Clive Charlton said 'They're good at harmonising in the Cornish singing tradition. It’s splendid that they have agreed to come to Bere Ferrers as part of a short autumn tour of the ‘mainland’. We’ll be putting them up the village overnight.'
The session on Saturday November 20 will be in Bere Ferrers Social Club, starting around 8.15 p.m. The plan is to ‘showcase’ Bone Idol, but with contributions from the Tavy Tars, ‘Ferrers Reel’ (our village Irish music ensemble) and possibly a few surprise guests. 'It should be a jolly evening, especially if we can give our visitors a good Bere Ferrers welcome. In case you’re not too keen on older bearded men singing, I can confirm that only one Bone Idol member sports this adornment, and the majority are in their 30s!' Clive said.
Check these YouTube clips for confirmation:
A quick visit to their homeland:
and they’re on Facebook:

Friday, 12 November 2010

Ron 'Hank Marvin' Ball Returns to the Open Mic

It was welcome back to Margaret and Ron last night on their return from a safari holiday in Africa and Ron was (almost) immediately on stage at the Open Mic session with his 'duelling' partner George Nixs. Also on hand entertaining the small, but appreciative, audience were regulars Rob and Lesley and Ian Wood.
Among Ron's Renditions were songs from Buddy Holly, The Shadows (always a favourite) and Duelling Banjos, a short excerpt of which is below.

Hall Lighting Takes Shape

Fixing a bracket
Steve brings in the first bar
The second stage of the installation of the new lighting rig in the church hall took place yesterday when the two new lighting bars were fixed in the roof of the hall. The first bar is in the centre and the second is at the back of the stage area above the west window. The Peninsula's lighting expert Steve Jackson helped with the installation.
The next stage, next week, will be installing all the lights and wiring them up. More later.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Today has been a lovely sunny autumnal day, with hardly any wind. But it's due to change tonight as rain and gales rip in from the Atlantic. So it was time for a gentle stroll along the lane to the Recreation Field and back along the shore.

An egret looks for fish at the Quay

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Great Curry at the Pub!

Sarah and Ted excelled themselves at the Olde Plough tonight with a superb selection of curries to kick off their regular Curry Night, every second Tuesday throughout the winter.
With Fish, Chicken and Cashew Nuts, Aubergine curries (not all together), dahl and other Indian delicacies, it was not surprising that most of the diners went up for seconds (Did anyone go for thirds?!). 23 villagers and friends had an enjoyable meal and most are looking forward to next month's session! Excellent value for money at £7.95.
Now we're looking forward to the Steak Nights - a steak meal for two with a bottle of wine, all for £30!!

Curry Night at the Pub

I'm looking forward to Curry Night at the pub tonight! It will be in the form of a buffet, all for the price of £7.95. Mrs Ferret and I will be there with Jenny Simpson, her daughter and son-in-law and Marcel and Tilly. So no old timers' lunch today!

New Lighting in the Hall

The new 3-phase electricity supply has been installed in the church hall and this Thursday the erection of the new lighting starts, under the direction of Steve Jackson.
It has also been suggested that a new sound system should be installed. There are very unobtrusive speakers nowadays that could be fixed to the wall, removing the spectre of huge black speakers, reminiscent of a Status Quo concert. I know the Rector, the Rev. Nick, is not keen on huge speakers, so this will be taken into account when the time comes. Already people are at work sorting out the type of system we will need.
There are strong winds whipping up from the Western Approaches and most of the leaves are suddenly off the trees! We've had some heavy rain as well, but not as bad as the rest of the country. No doubt our turn will come later.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

No Atmosphere at the Saturday Shop

Unfortunately there was no atmosphere at the Saturday Shop and Cafe this morning. The cafe tables, which are the hub of the event, were shunted out into the Hazel Room. The main hall was very quiet because nobody stopped to have coffee in the usual friendly atmosphere. It had been agreed by the Steering Committee that the cafe will take precendence over extra stalls to the normal ones such as Ian and Mandy's vegetables, Christine's eggs, Maurice's pet foods, etc. but somebody overruled this decision without consulting the full committee.
Very few people stopped for coffee today and this will continue if the cafe tables are shunted out the back. I wouldn't like to be the person responsible for ruining the marvellous cafe atmosphere we have in the cafe just to get a few more stalls in the main hall.
Steering Committee take note!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Wet and 'orrible! After a mild, dryish week for the time of year, Friday dawned wet and miserable, though as I look out of my window it seems to be perking up a little - but only a little. The weather is likely to turn colder, by as much as 10 degrees according to the forecast, so it's time to get the winter woolies out!

Red Herring and Chips

The Red Herring Club, a small group of villagers who meet every month and 'do something', had their annual fish 'n' chips evening last night. David Clark, who organised the event, drove to Bere Alston with the order and returned with a couple of boxes of hot food. Most of the Herrings were there and agreed it was an enjoyable evening. Some of the skittles players arriving for a league match looked longingly at the food!

Heaviest Pumpkin Ever!

Well done to David Clark who spotted in the Hallowe'en blog that the pumpkin in the competition weighed nearly 3 tons! Of course, it should have read 56lbs, not 56cwt.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jumpin' Jam Session at the Olde Plough

There was a good crowd at the jam session at the pub tonight, with a varied repertoire.
As usual, Mike compered the evening as well as singing a few songs, solo and with Tilly.
There were a couple of numbers from some of the Bere Ukes, while Clive gave us several rousing renditions of songs.  Jane sang a couple of songs and acccompanied other singers on concertina. Rob and Lesley gave their usual excellent performance.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Today's Photos

Boats at the Quay

Cottages on the causeway

Upriver to Maristow

Video: High Tide on the Tavy - Today

Another lovely day in the village and I took this video today with the FerretFone.

Clocks Go Back

The clocks went back on Sunday morning, so now we're faced with shortening days and long bits of darkness. It's a bright, sunny morning so far, but Autumn is fast taking over and the leaves are turning to glorious golds and reds. It's time to tidy up gardens and allotments in time for the winter, which many are predicting will be a hard one again.
Still, it's only a few weeks till Christmas!!!