Friday, 28 June 2013

Alan Richardson

I had a phone call from Alan Richardson today to ask me to pass on his thanks to everyone for the gifts presented to him when he left the village recently; he was quite overwhelmed by the number of people who signed his card.
Alan is very well and has almost finished moving into his new flat, thanks to his daughter and son-in-law. The painting has pride of place in the hall and is the first thing everyone sees when they enter the flat. He has yet to spend the vouchers!
He has given me his address and if anyone would like to write to him, let me know.

Bye bye Barbecue: 2

The demolition of the barbecue has been delayed - there needs to be a Risk Assessment before anyone can lift a hammer! The Parish Council will be contacted for advice on how to do this.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bye bye to the Barbecue

The barbecue in the Recreation Field has to go!  The insurance company has refused to insure it (ridiculous Health & Safety excuses, no doubt!) and putting up a 'users risk' notice is not acceptable - so the barbecue has to go! It's unfortunate, but the Villagers' Group has no option but to comply, so tomorrow morning at 10am (weather permitting) the barbecue will be demolished.
Anyone with a lump hammer who wishes to get rid of some pent-up aggression is most welcome to help!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Villagers' Group Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Bere Ferrers Villagers' Group was held in the church hall this evening. Present were Christine Grills (Chairman), Daphne McDonald (Secretary), Roger White (Treasurer), plus committee members Diana Mitchell, Dave Mills and Bev Slaughter. Villagers were represented by Margaret Willmott, Betty Endean and Ruth Charlton.
Bev said that he was disappointed about the lack of attendance by villagers; some years ago meetings were usually well attended, but now the village was becoming like Bere Alston, with very few people interested in what happens in the village. Dave suggested that a member or members of the various groups in the village should be invited to the meetings. This was agreed.

Election of Officers
Chairman: Daphne, prop Diana, sec Bev
Secretary: Diana, prop Chris, sec Roger
Treasurer: Roger, prop Bev, sec Diana
All were voted in unanimously.
Committee members: Betty Endean, Ruth Charlton, Dave Mills, Christine Grills and Bev Slaughter.

Financial Report
Roger gave a very comprehensive financial report, which indicated that some serious fundraising needs to be done soon! Thanks were given to Margaret Ball for her fundraising and also to Tim Hamlyn and his musical group.

Roger reported that the insurance for the Recreation Field is now the responsibility of the Parish Council - except for the barbecue, which the insurance company refuse to insure. It was agreed that a notice be fixed to the barbecue stating that it was used at the user's own risk.

Tennis Report
The report was given on behalf of Angela Hooper, who was away. The court has recently been cleaned and repaired at a cost of nearly £3,000, paid for by club subscriptions and fees. It should last now for another ten years.

Railway Report
Bev gave a report on the Forum meeting this afternoon (see previous post).

Field Report
Diana said that a lot of work had been done in the Field by various volunteers. Dave Kent had severely coppiced the willow of the bird hide and will weave the new shoots into a new hide. Ken Sheaf is doing a good job looking after the cycle track, while Ian Lindsay has done much repairing. The Scouts came recently and cleared out a lot of brambles.
The RoSPA report says that a rubber buffer is needed on the gate to the children's play area, but this is a low risk. The report also says that the full-size goal post needs refurbishing; however, this was removed completely over a year ago!!
Bev offered two oak saplings for the Field and also suggested we plant a wildflower area to encourage pollinators, similar to the 60 wildflower meadows being planted to commemorate the Coronation.

Jubilee Items
1,000 daffodil bulbs will be planted in the verges in the village at the end of the summer. They will be early, mid and late season varieties and the planting locations will be identified; householders will be informed where they will be planted and volunteers will be needed to do the planting, which will be done in clumps of ten.
The Jubilee bench that was delivered was the wrong one and our bench was delivered to someone else up country, so there is a delay on the arrival of the properly inscribed bench. When it arrives it will replace an older bench in the semi-circle in the hedgerow, which will go into the barn.

Before the meeting closed, a vote of thanks was given to Chris for all her work as Chairman over the last few years.

Railway Meeting

RAILWAY REPORT: Tamar Valley Line

There was a meeting of the Tamar Valley Line Forum this afternoon. It was reported that at the end of five months the line is down 47 journeys over the same period last year.

Overgrown vegetation along the line at specific points has been reported to Network Rail for cutting down and they will be reminded that we are still waiting for this work to be done. We are still waiting for Network Rail to tidy up the work they started on the up platform at Bere Ferrers station. This is looking messy and some villagers have complained.

The renovation of the waiting room at Bere Alston station has not happened yet.
Plymouth station: the new road layout alterations are in hand and work will start on the subway soon.

Many people were not aware of the interchange facilities at St Budeaux. They could travel by train to St Budeaux and then catch buses to onward destinations. There is a bus to Derriford hospital every 15 minutes and one to Royal Parade every five minutes.

Things are moving on with the reopening of the line to Tavistock and Devon County Council is progressing work. A planning application has been received by West Devon Borough Council from Bovis Homes.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Jumpin' June Jam

The June jam session took place in the pub last night - and was run on the normal principle of a jam session, where everyone joins in if they wish. It was a bit unusual to begin with, as we've always done solos, but as the evening wore on (and more alcohol was consumed!) the format became even more enjoyable.
A surprise item was a version of 'I Want To Be Like You' from Dyno and Sarah, with vocals by Trevor Grinstead.
The evening finished with the ensemble joining in a rendition of 'Will The Circle?', led by Ian.
All the usual musicians were there: Rob, Lizzie, Ian, Steve, Jane, John, Bruce, Maggie C, Clive, Dyno, Sarah and me.

The next Plough Jam will be on Tuesday 16th July at 8.30pm.

Tuesday 17th June: At Rathlin Island, Co Antrim, preparing for the big paddle across to Scotland.

Look out soon for new of events in the Olde Plough to raise money for this tremendous feat!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tuesday 11 June - Andy and Jane had a long paddle today to Gola Island, Co. Donegal.

Cars in the Recreation Field

Recently I reported that cars had been driven into the Recreation Field and parked along the hedgerow. I contacted the Parish Council and they have agreed that signs be placed on the top and bottom gate at the Field.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Presentation to Villager

Alan Richardson is leaving the village next Friday to move to Nottingham to stay with his daughter. As a token of the village's best wishes, at the Saturday Shop Barbara Bousfield presented Alan with a card and two original paintings, one of his house and the other of the view down the road, done by an itinerant artist in the village.
After the presentation, Alan received warm applause and good wishes from all in the hall.
We wish him well with his move and we will miss him.

Award On Show in Hall

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, awarded to the Bere Ferrers Community Shop and Café by Her Majesty last year, is now proudly on display in the church hall, together with the certificate. The glass award is cunningly lit from below and looks terrific!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Andy and Jane, recently delayed by adverse weather conditions, are once again on the move! Yesterday they were at Inishturk, Co Mayo, about halfway up the west coast of Ireland.

Summer Continues

The warm summer weather that we've enjoyed here for over a week or so is set to continue until at least Friday, according to the weather men.
It's no surprise now to wake at 6am with the sunshine flooding in through the windows. Sometimes there is a cool breeze blowing from the wrong direction, but at least it is dry! The plants have noticed that it is decidedly warmer and there are signs of urgent growth. Trays of cuttings in greenhouses are waiting to be planted out; rhododendrons are in full colourful display and little apples are appearing on the tree.
There is an incessant twittering from the hedge sparrows as they dart across the garden, the blackbirds are grubbing for insects and worms among the leaf litter and swallows and house martins have finally arrived.
Barbecues and loungers have been dusted down and used and are left out overnight with no risk of rain!
Let's hope this weather continues for some time - a decent summer here is long overdue!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fish Man Puts His Skates On to Get a Plaice in the Sun's Rays!

The Fish Man at the Saturday Shop (every fortnight) is on holiday now and will return to his pitch outside the Shop on July 6th - also Watersports Day!