Sunday, 28 July 2013

Saturday 27 July: Still at Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire and couple of days off for some essential repairs to the kayak and a bit of fossil-hunting.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beer and Burgers in Full Swing!

The Bere Beer and Burger Festival is in full swing at the Olde Plough.
This year they are featuring six breweries - Sharp's, Tintagel, Devon Earth, Tavy, Bay's and Hunter's with beers ranging from 3.9% through to 5.1% 

To compliment these amazing beers Ted has been busy creating a range of Artisan Burgers:
Olde Plough Traditional Beef
Chilli Beef with kidney beans
Chicken and Pesto topped with basil and Parmesan cheese
Pheasant burger with smoked applewood cheese & red onion jam (personal recommendation)
Rabbit burger with roasted garlic sauce
Vegetarian chickpea & Spinach burger
Mackerel & Squid burger with smoked mayonnaise & samphire.
Unfortunately, the bands were changed from those given to me by the pub, so those folk, like me, who were expecting Oddsox tonight - you've missed them!!!! They were on last night and Georgia Rolls will be on tonight! Sorry, not my fault!
Ales racked and ready!

One of Ted's wonderful burgers!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Mobility Scooter For Sale

I don't usually post For Sale ads on the Blog, but this is for a Special Lady.

A Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter, purchased new in April 2012, driven occasionally and very carefully.  Kept in its own shed. Cost new £2,000, offers close to this please. Buyer must collect. Contact me in the first instance.

Open Garden

Margaret and Alan will be holding their annual Open Garden at Alpine House on Sunday 4th August between 11am and 4pm. There will be tea, coffee and a raffle, all in aid of St Luke's Hospice. Everyone is welcome!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Acoustic Barbecue

A message from The Olde Plough:

Don't forget that this Sunday (tomorrow) is Acoustic Night, so we thought we would have a BBQ as well! There will be burgers and sausages, and also steak and fish either in a bun or with a salad buffet.

We have just picked up "Grounded" from Devon Earth Brewery and "Royal Hunt" and "Pheasant Plucker" from Hunters Brewery from Ipplepen for the Beer Festival next weekend.
Sarah & Ted

Friday, 19 July 2013

Thursday 18 July:  Andy and Jane are heading south and were at Fife Ness, which is just north of the Firth of Forth. Jane's mum has made it up to Scotland to visit them en route and brought some goodies!
Friday 19th July: The pair have crossed the mouth of the Forth, passing the Isle of May and Bass Rock.

Burglary at the Barton

No, it's not an Agatha Christie mystery! Apparently there was a burglary at Bere Barton last night, sometime between 2200hrs and 0750hrs on 19th July. Anyone who heard or saw anything should contact  DI David Burgess of Crownhill Police Station; call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting Crime ref: JT/13/913.  A PlayStation and other toys were stolen.
Villagers are warned to be vigilant, particularly in this hot weather with windows left open.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Hot Summer Afternoon

It was one of those hot summer afternoons that we are becoming used to lately and I'd been told that the new Jubilee bench was now in position in the Recreation Field, so I grabbed my camera and off I went.
The Recreation Field was deserted, the 28 degree heat made me think of those summers oh so long ago that we think  we remember. The grass in the Field was a light shade of ochre, showing that we hadn't had any rain for at least a fortnight.
After I'd looked at the new bench (thanks to Ian Lindsay for fixing it) sitting in an alcove in the hedgerow, I wandered over to the cycle track to see if I could find some interesting specimens, hoping not to find any snakes enjoying the hot sun!
The new Jubilee bench.

The grass was dry, brown and high in the cycle track. There were several Cercopsis vulnerata flitting around in the grasses and two were apparently doing something on a grass stalk!The bird hide is sprouting again after its severe pruning earlier in the year. Very soon two oak saplings will be planted in the Field and a small wildflower area created to try and encourage pollinators into the Field.
The bird hide.

The tide was in as I wandered back home and some people were paddling along in a small inflatable, watched by a seagull comfortably perched on a post in the river.


Royal British Legion to Close?

The Bere Alston branch of the Royal British Legion, covering the Bere Peninsula, is in danger of being closed down due to a lack of active members and, as a result, a somewhat decimated Committee. 
We have all read stories in the Press, and listened to reports on TV and the radio, about the savagery of the terrorism tactics faced by our Service personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq, day after day and week after week.  The families of those many men and women who have been killed or injured overseas, as well as those returning from combat with crippling PTSD, and having difficulties to re-adjust to family life, need all the help they can get.
Everyone agrees we should be doing more, not only for our soldiers, but also for those of our veterans who have fallen on hard times.
In fact, since the end of World War Two, there have been 48 conflicts in which British Service personnel have put their lives on the line – and only one year (1986) with no loss of life. 
Up until last year the Legion was still supporting veterans from World War One; but we will be helping veterans of World War Two for many years to come – as well from all those many conflicts between then and now.
Of course the Royal British Legion is not the only UK Services charity, but it was still the largest in (2011) – and answered more than150,000 calls for help.  Founded in 1921 to support the ex-Service community, we are still, by charter, the nation’s Custodian of Remembrance (the Poppy appeal, the two minutes silence on 11/11 and Remembrance Sunday etc), as well as the major voice campaigning and lobbying to improve conditions for them.  
Although nationwide we have almost 400,000 members today, with 2,500 branches and clubs, new and younger members are not joining in sufficient numbers to help replace our older members. 
But, of course, we welcome men and women of all ages, and whether or not they have served in the Armed Forces.
Our Bere Alston Branch – founded over 75 years ago in 1937 – was, at one time, the largest and most affluent in Devon, including a very active women’s Branch.  Today however, although we still have about 50 members, most of us are well over retirement age, and not always able even to attend meetings or vote, let alone take an active part. Now we are in danger of closing the Branch!
A ‘last-ditch’ Special General Meeting (SGM), to be held on Monday September 9th at 8pm in the Bere Ferrers Social Club, has finally been agreed with the Legion’s County HQ Chairman and Secretary from Exeter, both of whom will also be in attendance.  In the meantime County Secretary, John Prior will be mailing an invitation to all local members urging them to attend, or at least to submit their advance nominations for the vacant positions on the Committee.

So we need as many ‘sleeping’ members as possible to attend that meeting.

But also and more importantly , we need new members to keep the Branch open.

If the Branch closes, our local fund-raising activities will become less coordinated.  And less focus means our fund-raisers will become less motivated. Meanwhile, more and more funds are needed to help support men and women leaving the Service, such as the provision of temporary emergency funds, eg for urgent home repairs/maintenance, advice on war pensions, compensation claims, benefits and money matters, even for valid business start-ups, and, of course, RBL rest homes for the old and disabled.

We, all of us, owe a huge debt of gratitude to all men and women of the Armed Services, past and present.
If you would like to do something to help, or want to know more, please call or write for an application to join:

Pete York:        840644, 6a Trevethan Park, Bere Ferrers, PL20 7JW.
Stan Sherrell:  840241, Hole Farm, Bere Alston, PL20 7JE
Ron Toll:           840828, 43 Bedford Street, Bere Alston, PL20 7DN

Annual Membership Fee is £17.00.  

Otherwise, thank you for your continued support on Poppy day.

Peter York (Branch Chairman)


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Final Jam Session

The final jam session of the summer took place in the Olde Plough last night with a small but enthusiastic group of musicians - Steve, Dyno, Lizzie, Sarah, Rob and me - playing a varied selection of music.
If you weren't there you missed a version of 'House of the Rising Sun' with an organ solo from Steve that would have impressed Alan Price himself!
Other songs played included  Worried Man Blues, Johnny B Goode, Georgia, Crazy, Knockin' on Heaven's Door and Tamar Valley Special.
The next jam session will be on Tuesday 17th September at 8.30pm.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bere Beer 'n' Burger Festival

The Olde Plough announce the Bere Beer 'n' Burger Festival, which will be held on 26th, 27th and 28th July, with Georgia Rolls playing on the Friday and Oddsox playing on the Saturday. Well worth a visit or two!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another Band in Bere Ferrers

There is yet another band in the village - the Boys from Bere Ferrers, who played at Morwellham Quay this afternoon for the visitors at the attraction. The group this afternoon consisted of Rob Smith, Clive Charlton and Bev Slaughter. They positioned themselves in the only shade around, on another blistering sunny day, outside the Land Office, opposite the pub. It was cooler there than inside the cafe!
They sang a wide variety of songs, from 'Folsom Prison', 'Yankee Clipper', 'Two Dollar Bill' to 'Let It Rock', 'Tamar Train' and a special rendition of 'On Ilkley Moor Ba T'hat' for a group of Yorkshire pensioners on a coach outing!

Quiz at the Pub Tonight

There's a quiz at the pub tonight to raise money for Andy and Jane who are kayaking around the coast of Great Britain and Ireland in aid of charities.
The cost is £10 per team of four and Mediterranean nibbles are included.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Thursday 11 July: Andy and Jane are now at Pennan, Aberdeenshire

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Message from Lesley Smith

'I am feeling rather battered by the waves of life after my extended hospital stay, but have been overwhelmed by the kindness and concern shown to me by many people in the village. Thanks so much to everyone; you are all special to us.'  Lesley.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Panto Meeting

A bunch of enthusiastic thespians attended the initial panto meeting tonight in the Hazel Room. The co-producers, Jane Hamlyn and Monica Mitchell, outlined the dates of the panto, the rehearsal dates and the list of backstage staff and the characters in the production.
The first rehearsal is on Tuesday 17th September and thereafter on every Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 7pm and 9pm and Sundays between 4 and 6, depending on the scene being rehearsed. Rehearsals will continue through September, October and November, with a break during December for Christmas. Intensive rehearsals will continue in January before the Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday 15th January, evening performances on 16th and 17th and a matinee and evening performance on 18th.
The list of characters was read out and most were filled from the villagers present, though there are some minor roles available. More children are needed for the chorus. If anyone is interested in taking part, either backstage or as a performer they should contact Jane Hamlyn or Monica Mitchell as soon as possible.
Where there are more than one applicant for a role, auditions will be held. The character roles will be allocated once all the applications are received.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Sunday 7 July - Now on the east coast of Scotland, at Dunbeath Bay. Andy and Jane have 'turned the corner' and are heading roughly south now.

Watersports Thank Yous

A big Thank You should go to the organisers of Watersports, the Two Margarets, Lyndsay for organising the barbecue and Sarah and Ted for the bar. Thanks to Robin and Helen for organising the games, plus all the villagers who looked after stalls during the afternoon. But a big Thank You goes to all our sponsors, without whom the event would probably not happen!
I'll let you have the financial figures later.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Maintenance Time at the Apple Group

As the time is fast approaching when the apple cruncher and press will be needed to process the apples currently on the trees, the Executive of the Tavy & Tamar Apple Group spring-cleaned the equipment this morning.
The apple press was treated to a new coating of gleaming green enamel paint, while the hand crusher was given the same treatment to give it a corporate finish.
After all the hard work, there was time for a barbecue and a few drinks to relax.

Sunny Watersports

It was a perfect day yesterday for the annual Watersports Day: there was virtually a cloudless sky and the sun shone down on the revellers all day.
The event, organised by Margaret Ball and Margaret Willmott, started at 3pm with the barbecue and bar swinging into action – the Barbie with two new cookers! The pig was slowly turning on the spit in the warm sunshine and had been for several hours. Many revellers arrived early to reserve a prime spot on the Quay to watch the action that developed in the team games in the mud and then the incoming river.

Soon the games were under way, with Games Master Robin Musgrave and Referee Helen Smith. Six cleanly-clad teams were very soon unrecognisable under the black mud as they battled several testing games involving footballs, dustbins and hoops. However, the mud was soon washed off as the tide came in and the contestants turned to canoes and the final Greasy Pole!
The teams were (not in any particular order): Sister Sludge and the Beached Buoy; Bere Consolidated; Weir Quay Pirates; The Dream Team; O’Balls and Bitty. After a furious battle throughout the afternoon, Bere Consolidated were announced the winners and were presented with magnificent trophies!


Meanwhile there was much going on around the Quay; the ice cream man was doing a roaring trade, as was the bar. The barbecue was kept busy throughout, with a few hasty adjustments at shift changes when folk who had put their name down for a session didn’t bother to turn up! There was a competition run by the Tamar & Tavy Gig Club with one of their rowing machine to find who could row a kilometre in four minutes; Roger and Jean manned a stall for the Guide Dogs; Maurice and Margaret looked after what appeared to be St John Ambulance; the ladies of the W.I. served teas; Maggie W, Kerrie and Joan were serving refreshments and Ann, Sylvia and Alan were in charge of the St Andrew’s Church stall.
After the presentation of the trophies and the raffle draw, the music started, firstly with George Nix, Rockin’ Ron and Cowboy Ian. Paradox followed for an hour, then Georgia Rolls entertained the crowd with a varied repertoire, before the headline band Three’s A Crowd took over the stage, an hour late!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday 1 July Now at Scourie Bay, Sutherland. Not far to Cape Wrath now!