Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn Art Exhibition

Opens next Saturday, 7th September, until Sunday 15th September. Come along and have a look, not only at the paintings but at the lovely scenery and also try Jayne's wonderful refreshments!

Bulbs Ready for Planting

You will remember that, to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the village agreed to buy a quantity of bulbs to plant on verges, alongside paths or anywhere public within the village.
These bulbs have now arrived and are ready for planting! A quantity have already been handed out this morning at the Saturday Shop but there are more bulbs to give out. They will be at the Shop next Saturday, with Daphne, so please tell her how many you want and plant them as soon as possible.

New Term for Bere Ukies

The new ‘term’ for the one and only Bere Ukies starts on Friday 13th September at 2.15pm at Monica’s house to start with, not the church hall. The Ukies Musical Director, Liz Bracey-Davies, will continue with tuition for one hour each week, followed by a singalong. New members are always welcome.

Panto Rehearsals Start Soon

Participants in the pantomime are reminded that rehearsals are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, 7 to 9 pm on weekdays and 4 to 6pm on Sundays, starting with the first read-through on Tuesday17th September.
People will only be called for rehearsal when they're needed and will be let go once their section has been rehearsed. It is hoped to have a fairly clear rehearsal schedule to give out on 17th September.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Morris Dancing at the Pub

It was the annual visit of Dartmoor Border Morris to the Olde Plough last night. Several visitors to the village enjoyed the ancient ritual of morris dancing, but villagers were conspicuous by their absence!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Watersports 2014

The date for Bere Ferrers Watersports next year will be Saturday 12th July, so write it down somewhere until you get next year's diary or calendar!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Andy and Jane Return Home in Style

After an epic journey of over 3,000 miles around the coast of Britain and Eire that took over four months, Andy and Jane Morton arrived home at Bere Ferrers Quay tonight at 1925hrs to a tremendous welcome from friends and family.
The pair have raised over £5,000 for two charities: the Merlin MS Centre in Cornwall and the RNLI.

Andy and Jane approach the Quay.
It was the end of a beautiful sunny day as the crowds gathered on the Quay and soon a small flotilla of kayaks were seen paddling upstream on the tide. As they approached the channel to the Quay, the Tavy Tars sang 'The Mingulay Boat Song'.  Andy lit a flare as the kayak slowly came up the channel to the cheers of the crowd.
The Tavy Tars prepare to welcome
the pair.
As Andy and Jane stepped out of the kayak onto (almost) dry land to three cheers from the crowd, pub landlord presented them both with a welcome glass of ale, before they were applauded off the beach through a triumphal archway from members of Dartmoor Border Morris.
The party repaired to the pub, where Ted and Sarah had put on a curry buffet and the Tars sang more songs.

Kit Hillbillies On Their Way!

The Kit Hillbillies are an old-timey, bluegrassy, ragtimey, toe-tappy, good-timey string band. They bring an appealing blend of up-tempo acoustic Americana from the wildest frontier of them all - the Tamar and Tavy Delta.
The repertoire includes familiar old-time favourites such as Man of Constant Sorrow, In the Jailhouse Now, Bury Me Beneath the Willow, If the Circle is Unbroken, and the breakneck bluegrass of Duelling Banjos, Farewell Blues and Salty Dog. There is particular emphasis on old-fashioned harmony singing.
Throw in some original bluesy material and covers of songs by Johnny Cash, the Pogues, the Clash, Radiohead and even Fleetwood Mac - all delivered in good-time string band style - and you have the makings of a stomping night of tunes.
They're at the Social Club on Saturday 7th September, so don't miss them!
Check them out at

Friday, 23 August 2013

Village Pump

Now here's a mystery! Who has restored the village pump? Sue Hodgson tells me that it was renovated some years ago by W E Baker in Tavistock, at the request of the W.I. But who has restored it recently?

Spring Tide at Lopwell

There was a 5.7m Spring Tide this morning at Lopwell Dam, where, incidentally, there will be the Bere Ferrers Art Group Autumn Exhibition from 7th to 15th September in the Café. But this morning it was just me and the birds!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Annual Cricket Match

The annual cricket match between one side and another will be held on Sunday afternoon at the Ball's field, starting just after lunch.

Homecoming Buffet

To commemorate the safe homecoming of our intrepid kayakers, there will be a buffet at the pub from 7.30pm on Monday 26th August. It would be nice to have as many people there as possible to welcome our heroes home!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Coronation Oaks Planted

Three oak saplings were planted today on the car park bank in the Recreation Field to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen.
A small wildflower area will be dug soon on the bank near the bird hide.

They're Nearly Home!

Tuesday 20 August: Now at Ringstead Bay, Dorset. 
Target date for our arrival home at Bere Ferrers Quay: Monday 26 August!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Most Quirkiest Post

Toilet Twinning
You might have thought it was April Fool's Day this morning at the Saturday Shop, when the Rector, the Rev Nick Law, proudly announced that one of the toilets in the church hall has been twinned with a latrine in Uganda! There was a shocked silence as Nick waved a framed photograph of a rather dilapidated wooden shed, located at Nyabyumba, Kabale District, Uganda, latitude: -1.353833, Longitude: 29.979861. The latrine is Latrine No. NW1023. Check it out.

Paninis at the Bedford Hotel

For those of you who were overcome with grief when the Bedford in Tavistock stopped serving the best paninis anywhere, the good news is that, after many complaints, they are back on the menu! Hurrah!

The 11th Bere Apple Fest is Coming!

This year’s Apple Fest will be on Saturday 5th October at and around the Church Hall in Bere Ferrers, from 1pm until 5pm. All the usual activities will be on show, including apple pressing, advice on grafting and pruning, various competitions for young and old alike and, of course, the Apple Pie Baking Competition!
The programme of events for this year includes the famous Apple Pie Baking competition, open to adults and children, with a huge range of fantastic prizes. The first prize is a superb meal at Robertson's Organic Restaurant  in Tavistock and the competition is judged by Seth and Sally Robertson.
As well as the children's section in the Apple Pie Baking competition, there is usually a prize for the best 'animal' made out of an apple and the Longest Apple Peel competition. There is also a supervised hand-operated apple crusher that children can use to chop up their apples – this is always popular with them!
There are also demonstrations of pruning and grafting apple trees.  Various rural crafts are demonstrated by experts, plus the usual and important apple pressing throughout the event.
There will also be the usual fantastic raffle, the main prize of which is a pair of First Class return tickets to anywhere on the First Great Western network.
Meanwhile, the main activity of the day is crushing and pressing apples to make juice. The Group has an apple crusher, a press and a trailer and pasteurisation equipment. Visitors are invited to bring their own clean apples and, for a small fee, the apples are crushed and juiced and taken away in containers brought by the visitors. This is very popular and the team are hard at work crushing and juicing throughout the day!
This year we are delighted to announce that Tony Beard, the Wag from Widecombe, has accepted our invitation to open the event. Tony is a keen preserver of Devon life and culture who is an accomplished entertainer and is known 'round these yer parts' as "The Wag from Widecombe.”

Autumn Art Exhibition

The Exhibition, the second at the venue, contains many varied works, most of which are for sale, in the lovely surroundings at Lopwell Dam. If you look closely you may see a kingfisher or two darting along the Tavy, or delight in Jayne's tasty refreshments!

Ron Ball's 70th!

A large assemblage of family and friends gathered at the Social Club last night to celebrate Ron Ball's 70th birthday in fine style. Dotted around were photographs of Ron taken, it has to be said, some time ago, many showing a prodigious head of dark hair!
Guests came from far and wide and included Adrian and Maggie, former licensees of the Olde Plough. The club was soon packed (except for the dance floor) as new arrivals greeted Ron in the top bar before he and George Nix kicked off the music, with Ron playing and singing.
After the buffet the music started again and soon the dance floor was crowded with guests dancing away until the early hours (nearly!)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Art Exhibition Closes

The 13th annual Bere Ferrers Art Group Summer Exhibition finished today, with a record number of sales. This year the Group opened daily for eleven consecutive days, instead of opening on weekends only.
The unsold paintings have been returned to the artists and the display panels have been put back into storage - but not for long!
For the second year running, the Bere Ferrers Art Group Autumn Exhibition will be on display at the Old Pump House Café at Lopwell Dam,open daily between 10am and 5pm daily from Saturday 7th  September until Sunday 15th September. Admission is free and most of the exhibits will be for sale.
Most of the exhibits will be for sale, so why not go along to this beautiful spot on the River Tavy (on a good day kingfishers can be seen darting along the river!) and also try the added delights of the range of refreshments available at the Café!

Monday 12 August:  Now at Eastbourne. Nearly home!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Garden Party

Despite the inclement weather on Sunday a good time was had by all at Maggie and Alan's Garden Party in aid of St Luke's Hospice. When the weather was too bad everyone moved indoors!
Despite this, the event raised an incredible £527 so far for the charity!!

Donations from Watersports

There was a meeting last night of the key Watersports organisers. Margaret Willmott reported that this year was the best yet as far as far as income is concerned. Taking into account all monies from previous years, there is £2,340 in the bank. It was agreed to reserve £1,500 as a contingency sum, leaving £800 available for donations. £400 will go to the new Youth2Youth building fund in Bere Alston and £400 will go to the Bere Ferrers Villagers' Group for use in the Recreation Field.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Art Exhibition Opens

Just as Chris Moulder was welcoming those members of the Bere Ferrers Art Group who turned up for tonight's official opening of this year's exhibition, a tremendous clap of thunder rent the skies.
Local renowned artist Richard Mabey was invited to open the exhibition and did so admirably, to the accompaniment of Thor's Hammer and a torrential downpour! Towards the end of his opening address the power went off, as the village lost its power supply for a while!
Nevertheless, the proceedings carried on and guests enjoyed wine and nibbles as the weather slowly improved. The exhibition opens tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am until 6pm and thereafter daily until Tuesday 13th August. Admission is free!!!

Thunderous skies!

Art Exhibition

The Bere Ferrers Art Group Summer Exhibition starts tomorrow! For the first time, the Exhibition is open daily from 11am until 6pm until Tuesday 13th August, when it will close at 3pm.
There are over 60 exhibits on show, many of which are for sale. Admission is free and the Exhibition is at the Olde Coach House, Bere Ferrers, opposite Barton Mooey. Do come along and see what we've been doing on Tuesday mornings!

Bees Nest Warning

A warning message from Ann Parsons:

WARNING to footpath walkers in Bere Ferrers area. Do NOT attempt the path from Shutecombe to Parsonage. There is a bees nest in the ground in the middle of the narrow part between the two stiles. We came upon it suddenly and Polly has been stung once, possibly twice, on her leg and couldn't walk on it after. Getting her home was a complete nightmare!