Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bere Alston Victorian Evening

Bere Alston Telephone Exchange Upgrade

As reported in the Bere Alston Facebook page:

BT exchange news!! Our exchange is being upgraded next month! It'll be going from 8mpb to about 20mpb. This isn't the super fast one, that won't be in the next couple of years, this is just to bring us in line with the rest of the world! Full article in The Tavistock Times.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Fish Man at the Saturday Shop

We have a new fish man at the Saturday Shop! The previous fish man found that coming from Bovey Tracey for few customers was not on, so we now have the man who sells at Bere Alston. His first visit was yesterday and the display of fish was very good. He will be at the Shop every fortnight - if you can, use this facility or we may lose him as well!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Beaujolais Nouveau Est Ici!

A disparate bunch of Francophiles and/or winos gathered at the Olde Plough last night to celebrate the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau! I'm certainly not a Francophile, so I guess I come under the 'Winos' heading!
In a week of excellent evenings at the pub, it was noticeable that there were only three villagers at the function - where were you all? However, there were many friends who had made the long and hazardous journey from Weir Quay and even a quartet from North Somerset!
The menu was excellent and too varied to mention here (I had baked Camembert - still in its cardboard pack - followed by Steak Béarnaise with Boulangere potatoes and green beans, and a great French cheeseboard to finish). The Beaujolais was delicious and I've tasted much worse!

Ferrers Reel at the Pub

Ferrers Reel will be playing a selection of Celtic music at the Olde Plough Inn this coming Sunday 24th November, starting at 8 and finishing at 10 - so don't be late!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Calling All Little Stars...

....who would like to twinkle on Christmas Eve!
St Andrew's is now casting for the major parts in the two Nativity services at 2.30 and 4pm on Christmas Eve. If you know of any youngsters who would like to take part, please contact Sheila Gay on 841181.
Of course, there are always unlimited spaces for any amount of wandering shepherds and angels to just turn up in costume and join in!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Scrubbers in the Village!

I've received this report and photos from Clive Charlton about some village scrubbers (his words, not mine!).

Several people had mentioned recently that the ‘Bere Ferrers’ sign at the entrance to the village was looking decidedly grubby. So we paid a visit last Sunday armed with soapy water and brushes. Those two well-known ‘Bere Ferrers scrubbers’, Chris Poole and Ruth C, donned their rubber gloves and set to work – and quickly spruced up the sign itself and also the 30 limit signs. The ‘Bere Ferrers’ sign is now a lot cleaner, although still has some wear and tear from what looks suspiciously like a shotgun blast.
Well, if Bere Ferrers can’t have a fancy new sign like Bere Alston, the least we can do is give the one we do have a bit of a facelift!

The scrubbers with the dirty sign.
Halfway through.

The finished - and much cleaner - sign!

Friday, 8 November 2013

November Events at the Olde Plough

A message from Sarah and Ted:
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow night Saturday 9th November (not Sunday as advertised previously) we are having a Dementia UK fundraising night with a Piano Soirée, music whilst you're dining on Pie Mash 'n' Liquor followed by Apple Crumble, then participate with some old wartime songs and some Chas 'n' Dave. 

Also Monday 18th November is our Youth2Youth fundraising event, music from Georgia Rolls and magic by one of the Youth2Youth boys and a music and magic quiz! Supper is Lasagne followed by Tiramisu.

Finally we have our annual Beaujolais Nouveau Evening, a French extravaganza, on Thursday 21st November.

Our regular events are:
Tuesday 12th November - Curry Night Buffet from 7.00pm
Sunday 17th November - Acoustic Night from 8.15pm 
Tuesday 19th November - Jam Session from 8.30pm

If you would like to book for any of the events please ring on 840358

Many Thanks

Sarah & Ted

Villagers' Group Meeting Minutes


PRESENT: Daphne McDonald in the Chair, Brian Lamb (Chairman of Bere Ferrers Parish Council), Doris Chapman (Parish Council rep), Roger White (Treasurer), Bev Slaughter, Ruth Charlton, Dave Mills, Diana Mitchell (Secretary)

APOLOGIES: Betty Endean, Chris Grills

1. Fundraising Event:

Gypsy Train music group.

Date: Saturday 1st February 2014

Venue: Church Hall (already booked)

Time: 7.30

Style: Cafe style.  Bring your own drink.  Nibbles provided.

Suggested ticket price £7

Funds raised will be used for repairing and upgrading playground equipment.

The Committee agreed to the above.

There will need to be good publicity, starting with advertising in December and January Bere Links.

Members of the committee were asked to think about an activity such as a quiz to take place during breaks in the music.

2. New Agreement with Parish Council

Brian Lamb brought along the new agreement between the Parish Council and the BFVG Management Committee.  This is similar to the previous agreement but includes the clause that "Public liability insurance for the field and all structures will be the responsibility of the Council".  This was signed by Brian Lamb on behalf of the PC and Daphne McDonald for the BFVG.

3. Field Management

a) Zip slide.  The ramp is very slippery when wet.  Ian Lindsay has suggested in the first instance washing it with bleach to get rid of the slippery film on the wood.  There is an anti-slip spray on the market, costing about £17 which would be worth trying, but only when the wood is completely dry.  The Committee agreed that Ian Lindsay be asked to carry out his own suggestion of washing with bleach.  Diana will order the spray and will use it when the wood is completely dry.

Diana will order more bark for the base of the zip slide, in the spring when the weather is better.

b) Bird Hide.  Dave Kent who had offered to look after the bird hide and train the willow stems into a structure, is away at the moment.  His wife has suggested he will deal with it in the spring.

c) Hedge trimming and strimming. Early this year John Gallagher cut the hedge.  Diana will ask him if he is prepared to do it again either now or in the spring. 

Strimming the banks of the football pitch and cycle track remain a problem because it is a big job for volunteers.  Diana will ask Paul Willmott, Alan Willmott and Ian Lindsay for quotes to do the job.  Ken Sheaf has the Villagers' strimmer because he has offered to take care of the cycle track.  Earlier in the year he applied weedkiller to the path itself, and he is prepared to strim alongside the path to keep it clear of vegetation.

d) The "big" swings will need new seats fairly soon.  Diana has found some that look suitable replacements at a cost of about £70.  Hopefully John or Adrian would be able to fix the new seats onto the chains.  The Committee agreed.

e) Thanks were expressed to Roger White for his hard work in demolishing the barbecue and moving rubble, Paul Willmott for clearing away most of the rubble, Robin Musgrave for strimming and mowing the banks of the bird hide, and the twelve villagers who helped plant hundreds of jubilee bulbs in the Field.

4. Defibrillator.

It has been suggested by some villagers that it would be a good idea to have a defibrillator in the village.  Diana had spoken to Carolyn Dawe about this, because she is a First Responder and has a defibrillator when she is on duty.  Carolyn explained that there is one other First Responder on the peninsula, in Bere Alston, and one of them is always on duty.  However, she agrees that it would be a good idea to have one permanently in the village, but only if it is instantly accessible.  If it is locked away in the church hall, for instance, it could take 20 minutes or so to find someone to unlock the hall, in which case a First Responder might as well have been called.

A Defibrillator would cost about £800 and is, apparently, easy to use.

The Committee agreed in principle but a safe site for it needs to be found.  Ruth agreed to research this.  Fundraising for such a piece of equipment shouldn't be a problem.

5. Finances

Roger reported that BFVG has £579 in its current account, £1004.17 in a savings account and £20.69 in petty cash.  He has just received a donation of £10.  Funds total £1614.24.

6. Any Other Business

Daphne asked if the Parish Council would arrange for the damaged dog fouling sign at the entrance to the Field to be replaced.

It was noted that someone has ridden a horse through the field.  The lower gate used to be kept slightly ajar by being padlocked to a post, so that walkers could go through, but vehicles could not.  If the post is replaced, it would deter horse riders (and vehicles).

Doris will raise these matters with the Parish Council.

Roger asked that the Committee agree to him dropping the matter of a cheque for £25 which has remained unpresented for a couple of years.  Agreed.

Brian asked that when the Committee arranges the next AGM, it avoids Tuesdays!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


I know several people like to comment on some of the posts on my Blog, but have experienced some difficulty in doing so lately. Unfortunately, I don't know how to correct this - all the settings seem to be as they were when I started the Blog.


There seems to be some misunderstanding by some villagers about the orchard next to the allotments at the entrance to the village. It has been called, erroneously, the Community Orchard and consequently some people assumed that it is open and available to all and have been accessing the orchard, some with dogs which have messed among the trees.
This orchard is, in fact, rented by a member of the village who has spent a great deal of money and time in bringing it up to the standard that it is now. Many villagers will remember what the orchard was like before: there was a derelict caravan in a disgusting state just inside the gate and the orchard was in a very overgrown state - and no one was prepared to do anything about it!
Now it has been transformed, but please remember, it is a private orchard, so please do not trespass.

Wassail Approaches!

The Tavy & Tamar Apple Group will be holding their annual Wassailing evening on Saturday 11 January 2014 at the Bere Ferrers Church Hall and adjoining orchard from 6.30pm.

The evening will start with a short story about Wassailing, followed by dancing and singing by the Dartmoor Border Morris and the Tavy Tars respectively, who will then process from the Hall to the adjacent orchard.  There the Tars will exhort those present to sing various Wassailing songs, with much shouting, banging of drums and cans and the odd shotgun to frighten away evil spirits. This is followed by hanging of toast to attract the insect-loving birds and the solemn pouring of cider around the trees. The ceremony is said to "bless" the trees to produce a good crop in the forthcoming season.

Tickets will be available at the beginning of December, only from Margaret's Hairdressing, so get yours early!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Community Plan Questionnaire

The closing date for questionnaires has now passed. The Group would like to say a big Thank You to everybody who took the trouble to respond in our survey. The response has been really rather good.
The process is by no means over. Our next task is to collate and analyse the data from your completed questionnaires. This is going to take us some time, as we have received so many responses. We anticipate that issues may emerge from that analysis, which will then be the subject of further public consultation, when preliminary findings from the questionnaire survey will be presented. Only when everybody has had a chance to discuss those issues will we begin to draft the Plan.
Please look out for further announcements about public consultation meetings. In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Group with any comments, or if you feel you would like to get involved in our work: e-mail or telephone 01822 840209.
Again: Thank You.
Bere Peninsula Community Plan Group, November 2013