Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Several people have mentioned to me about the surfeit of motorhomes that have invaded the village. Perhaps there's a motorhomes convention this week and they'll be gone soon! We know Kate has one, but it's silver and blends in with the surroundings; these others (that seem to be permanently parked on the street) are white and stick out like sore thumbs! Perhaps we could ask Devon County Council if they will build a special parking area outside the village for them!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gig Racing in the Scillies

It's the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly this coming weekend, and the crews of the Tamar & Tavy Gig Club are training hard for what promises to be another weekend of fantastic racing. The Club has A and B teams confirmed for both the Men's and Ladies' squads. Tamar reached St Mary's on 4th April and Ginette joined her on the 25th.
Training is going well, with both the ladies' and men's crews consistently training on the water at the weekend and on the ergos during the week. Now that the clocks have changed, both squads have also started evening sessions on the water, which are a great treat and a sure sign that summer is on its way!
Taken from T & T News.
Anyone who would like a taster row, particularly juniors from 10 - 16 years, contact Lyn Renton on

Monday, 28 April 2014

Sardine Supper

Many thanks to Sarah, Ted and their team for the excellent annual free Sardine Supper at the Olde Plough last night. As usual, the sardines were delicious and enjoyed by the enthusiastic villagers and their friends who attended.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - is Bere Ferrers!

A spectacular rainbow straddled the Tavy yesterday evening, one of the strongest in colour I've seen for a long time.

New Bench

 There is a new bench on the Quay, dedicated to the memory of Fred and Flo Friend, who lived in the village. It was presented by the family and we thank them for this very smart bench, which will be well used!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Exclusive World Launch of CD

Today, at the Saturday Shop, was the world exclusive launch of the new CD from local group, the Tavy Tars. The Tars (for those who don't know) are based in the village on the banks of the Tavy in West Devon. The group celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2013.
Formed originally to sing shanties at the launch of a new pilot gig on the River Tamar, the pleasure of performing together has kept them going ever since.
The CD, which costs £10 and half of which goes to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, will be on sale soon at Margaret's Hairdressing and the Olde Plough, as well as the Saturday Shop.
The CD contains 14 favourites from the group, with excellent notes for each track. It was recorded at April Media Productions studios in Plymouth, with photography by Mel Peters.

For more details on this and other Tavy Tars news, go to

Thursday, 24 April 2014

St George's Day

Why is it that the English are reluctant to celebrate St George's Day, the patron saint of the country. The Scots, Welsh and Irish celebrate their national day, but not so much the English. Someone told me recently that the English are 'comfortable' with their status and feel no need to wave the flag, while the others have to remind everyone else that they're there! That may be so, but a dedicated bunch of English folk gathered in the Olde Plough last night for a meal of fish 'n' chips (excellent, as always!) or Dragon Pie (?), with a St George's Quiz thrown in for good measure.
Unfortunately, one of the throng was sporting a French rosette and was soon shown the error of her ways and suitably reprimanded, but apart from this an enjoyable evening was had by all, including those who arrived too late for the quiz. Thanks to Sarah, Ted and their team.

Changes Down the Lane

It's not only Springtime that is changing the countryside around the village. There were some long-deceased trees at the top end of the Recreation Field near the tennis court which could have been a problem in a strong gale. After a word to the Parish Council these have now been felled and the tops of the banks trimmed, giving a nice view of the river from Hensbury Lane.
The first flush of Jubilee daffodils is over, though there is still a spray of white ones on the car park bank. The three oak shoots on the bank, planted last year, should start growing this year.
Where the trees used to be.
Better views!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Which villagers won £40 and £100 last weekend on the new machine in the Club last weekend? It's true, but I'm not saying who! 😉

St George's Day

Celebrate St George's Day at the Olde Plough tonight, with a choice of Dragon Pie or Fish 'n' chips and...AND....A QUIZ!!! What more could you want?

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chickens Rule the Roost - And It's Birthday Time!

The Easter Shop was in eggcellent form today (there's more of this stuff to come!) as a bunch of chickens took over cafe duty. Shell-shocked customers looked twice as a huge yellow chicken bounced its way through the cafe, delivering refreshments; it looked a bit like Steve Rickhards! The other chickens were Dee and Sally. Egged on about his costume, Steve said, 'I was a little concerned at the start, it seemed a bit of a yolk, but I'm all white now!' As usual, the drinks and cake were very cheep, cheep! (That's all now!)

The Bere Ferrers Community Shop and Cafe

On April 19th the Bere Ferrers Community Shop and Café celebrates its 8th Birthday! This means that for eight years the Shop and Café have opened every Saturday (except when we opened on a Friday as Christmas Day was on Saturday!).
Each week our stall holders have been there selling fruit and vegetables, groceries and health foods, fair-trade products, pet foods, cheese, butter, handmade chocolates, cards, gifts and jewellery. The bread team ensure our bread orders are distributed and every fortnight the fish van arrives.
Our Café teams have never failed to be there to serve us tea, coffee and fruit juices and our cake rota members always provided a delicious variety of homemade cakes.
This regular event in our community has become a vital hub for meeting friends and neighbours, sharing information and taking care of one another and each time we use these shopping facilities we save ourselves time and travel costs!
Do tell new neighbours and visitors about our Shop and Café and introduce them to this useful and entertaining Saturday morning activity!
In 2012 the Bere Ferrers Community Shop and CafĂ© was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, an amazing accolade and the equivalent of the MBE for all volunteers! It is testament to the spirit of our parish that so many of us use the shop and cafe each week. We send special thanks to all whose who help run this truly community enterprise and all those that use its services.
The Steering Committee.

First Barbecue of the Season

To celebrate their first year of marriage, Dave and Tricia Kent invited a few friends to a barbecue at their house 'Eureka' on Good Friday. It was a beautiful sunny day, though a chill breeze blew up the river, but guests delighted in the wonderful garden that the couple have established, particularly the planted roof of the shed!
Food was in abundance and Dave did a sterling job on the barbecue.
Tricia looks after the drinks.

Lizzie with a little snack!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Barn Dance Result

The profit from the well-attended barn dance at the Club recently came to the handsome figure of £278. Many thanks to everyone who supported this event.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Volunteers Wanted Urgently

The Club is asking for volunteers to run the bar. Very soon Ken Render will be leaving the village, Keith Blackhurst will be reducing his work in the Club at weekends and Trevor is recovering after a severe illness. Both Ken and Keith have ably looked after the bar at weekends for many years now, with Trevor responsible for volunteers and unless some come forward to help with the bar, not only at weekends, the Club may have to close on some days or nights.
If you would like to help, contact any member of the Club Committee.

Promenading and Pasties

The bad weather didn't stop many people attending the Barn Dance at the Club last night. For some it was the delight of dancing, for others it was the lure of the pasty! Ceilidh band Under The Moon and caller Mark kept everyone on their toes during the dancing, while during the interval Lizzie and Liz entertained with a selection of songs.
There was an impressive display of raffle prizes (thanks to everyone who donated prizes) and an interesting mix of pasties, from the standard meat and potato, through cheese and onion to chicken tikka - thanks to Maggie and Alan Willmott for dashing through the rain from the hall to the Club with the heated pasties and also Caroline for her expertise in salesmanship. I went home with four for the freezer!
It was a splendid evening's entertainment, with all proceeds going to Club funds.