Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cars on the Quay

Recently, several cars were seen parked on the grass area on the Quay, near the boats. This area was never intended to have vehicles driven on it as, obviously, this will cause extensive damage over time. This was reported to the Chairman of the Parish Council, who thought that this should be taken on by the Villagers' Group.
Unfortunately, some people have been removing the rocks already placed around the perimeter and driving on to the grass. The Group are now investigating a more permanent and immovable way of keeping vehicles off the grass.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Allotments Saved

The following is from Cllr Brian Lamb, Chairman of Bere Ferrers Parish Council:

As you will no doubt have heard, some time ago Devon County Council decided to place the Allotments at Bere Alston and Bere Ferrers on the list for development (SHLAA). The Parish Council, on your behalf, sought assistance from our Devon County Councillor, Cllr. Philip Sanders to fight this issue.

We are pleased to inform you that Devon County Council has formally withdrawn these two sites from the SHLAA process.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The BFS Club Events until Mid-July

15th         Thu           Allotment Association
21st          Wed         Tavy Tars rehearsal
27th         Tue           Quiz
28th          Wed         Tavy Tars rehearsal
31st          Sat            Karaoke
3rd            Tues         Horsewatch Group meeting. 
4th            Wed          Tavy Tars rehearsal
5th            Thur          Tamar & Tavy Gig Club meeting
11th          Wed          Tavy Tars rehearsal  
                                  Club Committee meeting 
12th          Thur          Open Mic
18th          Wed          Tavy Tars rehearsal
19th          Thur          Allotment Association meeting
21st           Sat           Karaoke 
24th          Tue           Quiz Night
25th          Wed          Tavy Tars rehearsal
28th          Sat            Live music from Total Stranger
1st            Tue            Horsewatch Group meeting
2nd          Wed           Tavy Tars rehearsal
5th           Sat              Private party. The Club is still open to members
9th           Wed           Tavy Tars rehearsal   
                                   Club Committee meeting
The venue is available for hire. For details enquire at the Club (evenings please) or contact any committee member.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

AfterShock at the Club

AfterShock, a five-piece covers band from Plymouth, rocked the Social Club last night with a wide repertoire of numbers old and new. The floor was crowded with members dancing; the prize for the tallest high heels in the village must surely go to Amanda Schuttkacker! This was the first of a series of evenings over the next few months featuring bands from outside the area. Look out for more bands later in the year.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bere Ferrers Art Group Spring Exhibition Opens

In different weather conditions than last year, the Bere Ferrers Art Group's Spring Exhibition held it's opening last night at the Old Coach House. Last year we experienced a tremendous thunderstorm that rapidly watered down the wine; this year it was dry, but quite cold!
However, the artists and guests who attended seemed to enjoy themselves and we were particularly pleased to welcome three of our tutors, all well-known local artists: Colin Pethick, who officially opened the Exhibition, Richard Mabey and Ian Grant.
Colin commented, 'There is a wide variety of styles and subjects and the standard of work is very good.'
After a pre-show tour of the exhibits, Colin declared the Spring Exhibition open, declaring that it was good to see how a relatively small group of artists had arranged such a good show in a limited space.
The Exhibition is open daily from today through to Sunday 18th May, from 11am until 6pm, except the last day, when it will close at 3pm. Admission is free; most exhibits are for sale and Kate's Kards are also available for sale, part of the proceeds going to the purchase of art materials for the Group.
The next BFAG exhibition will be in September at the Old Pump House Cafe at Lopwell Dam.

Chris Moulder shows Colin around the expo.
Guests arrive for a glass of wine.

Colin officially opens the exhibition.
Colin, Chris, Richard Mabey and Ian Grant.

Chris, Colin and Daphne enjoy a joke.
John Holt and Angela Hooper.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Where Can I Get Felt?

No, it's not that old joke! If you're looking for roofing felt for a small job, like a log store or coal bunker, rabbit hutch, etc. and don't want to pay for a big HEAVY roll like I did, let me know and you can have some of mine!

Bere Ferrers Sewage Outflow into the Tavy estuary

Just to give you an update on this.  The end of the pipe that discharges the processed water from the sewage works has worked loose from its fittings.  The full length of the pipe is still connected to the sewage plant but the end of the pipe is being washed around in the tidal flow.  Most alarming is when there is an airlock in the pipe at high water - and there is 10m plus of pipeline floating on the surface.
This has been vigorously pursued with South West Water over the past few weeks but they are apparently waiting for approval from the Environment Agency (and the Parish Council?) to carry out the necessary remedial work – this is likely to involve heavy plant operating from the quay.
The problem has now been raised with the Queen’s Harbourmaster Authority as the pipe could be considered a hazard for boats coming into the quay.

Robin Musgrave

Bere Ferrers Ward Member 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Parish Council Committees 2014 - 2015

MEMBERS OF COUNCIL                         ADDRESS                               TELEPHONE NO
Mr. M. Benson                                          10 The Square  B.A.                     840209
Mrs. H. A. Boot-Handford                        33 Broad Park Road  B.A.          841185
Mrs. D.M.A. Chapman                               2 Warleigh View  B.F.                840464
Mr. P. Dennis                                            15 Sherrell  Park  B.A.                 840862
Dr. N. Harmsworth                                    Ashen, Station Road  B.A.          840108
Mr.  B. E. Lamb                                        Greystone  B.F.                             841309
Rev. N. Law                                               The Rectory, The Down  B.A.     840229
Mr. R. Leithall                                            63 Broad Park Road  B.A.         841241
Mr. R. Maycock                                        19 Cornwall Street  B.A.              841801
Mr. R. Piper                                              Woolacombe Farm  B.A.            07887554948
Mrs. H. P. Rogers                                    Highways The Down  B.A.          840743
Mr. A, Sadleir                                           Hobbits’ Nest Station Road  B.F. 840093
Mr. K. Smith                                             Koto-Ri Cornwall Street  B.A.     840504

OFFICERS & COMMITTEES     2014 - 2015

Chairman   Mr. B. Lamb                       Vice Chairman    Mr. R. Leithall

F. & G. P.                                  Footpaths & Env                       Open Spaces
Chairman                                 Chairman                                    Chairman
Rev. N. Law                             Mrs. D.M.A.Chapman                   Mr. R. Maycock

Vice Chairman                      Vice Chairman                          Vice Chairman
Mr. M. Benson                         Mr. M. Benson                             Mr. K. Smith

Mr. R. Leithall                           Mrs. H. Boot-Handford              Mrs. H. Boot-Handford
Mr. R. Maycock                        Dr. N. Harmsworth                     Mr. P. Dennis
Mr. R. Piper                              Mr. R. Maycock                          Mr. R. Leithall
Mr. A. Sadleir                           Mr. K. Smith                                Mr. R. Piper

Mr. A. Sadleir                      

Vice Chairman                       
Mr. R. Piper                           

Mrs. H. Boot-Handford              
Mr. M. Benson         
Mrs. D. M. A. Chapman                
Mrs. H. Rogers                     
Devon County Councillor  
Mr. Phillip Sanders  01822 61225 

 West Devon Borough Councillors
Mr. M. Benson      01822 840209  Mr. R. Musgrave  01822 841064

Devon Association Local Council      
Mrs. D. M. A. Chapman 

Devon Rail Partnership
Mr. B. Lamb

Port of Marine Liaison Group        
Mr. M. Benson    

Bere Ferrers Villagers’ Group                
Mrs. D.M.A. Chapman               

T.V.A.O.N.B. & Weir Quay 
Mrs. D.M.A. Chapman  Mrs H. Boot-Handford

Southern Parish Link Committee                 
Mr. B. Lamb    Mr. M. Benson                                       
Sir John Maynard Trust         
Mr. P.J. Archer                

 Youth 2 Youth
Mrs. H. Boot-Handford
Reporter for Bere Link 
Mrs. H. Rogers
Inspect Play Parks & Allotments  
Mr. R. Maycock   Mr. K. Smith     
Neighbourhood Plan Project Lead
Mr. M. Benson
The Chairman of Council is an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees.
Council Office                   Clerk to the Council              Ass. Clerk                
Station Road                        Mrs. P. M. Taylor                      Ms. C. Malham         
Bere Alston                     
PL20 7EJ                         

01822 840748                         

Only Three Days To Go!

The Bere Ferrers Art Group Spring Art Exhibition starts on Saturday at the Old Coach House in Bere Ferrers from 11am to 6pm. There will be a wide range of exhibits by local artists on show and many of these exhibits will be for sale. Admission is absolutely free, so come along, we'd be delighted to see you!
The exhibition is on daily until Sunday 18th and it will close at 3pm that day.