Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Problems on the Quay (1)

I have heard a rumour from a reliable source that Western Power are soon to replace the power cable that crosses the Quay from a pole at the bottom of the Musgrave's garden to Fern Cottage. This will entail a new heavy duty cable which, because of EU regulations (!), will need a large pole erected halfway across the grass area near the parking area. It will be approximately midway down the old boules pitch. Not a nice sight to see right outside your front window!

A Cautionary Tale Worth Remembering

Christine Poole sent this to me:

This is a summary of an email I had from the Group Exercise Manager of Virgin Active Devonshire, the health and racquet club at Derriford, Plymouth, where I run some Pilates and Yoga classes.

An incident occurred at 6 pm on Thursday 23rd April when a male member of the club had a cardiac arrest while exercising on an e-spinner in the gym. Very quickly two members of staff brought the defibrillator. They carried out CPR and two rescue breaths, and one shock was administered. The member started breathing again.  His life was saved. He is now recovering in hospital.

This is a wonderful example of how a speedy reaction and use of a defibrillator can save a life.  There is a defibrillator attached to the wall of the Bere Ferrers Church Hall and is available for anyone to use in such an emergency, whether you've been trained in its use or not. 
Once the pads have been attached to the patient, the machine makes an assessment and verbally gives instructions on what to do. The instructions include how to carry out CPR and if/when it is necessary to give a shock. It also reminds you to call out the emergency services.

Please make yourself aware of the location of the defibrillator and how to access it.  The defibrillator is housed in a protective box which can be opened with the first four digits of our telephone code followed by the tick symbol.

So far about 40 local people have have attended workshops on how the defibrillator works, and from time to time it is demonstrated at the Community Shop on a Saturday morning.  Another short training session is planned for the autumn but a date has yet to be made.  Some people to talk to are Ruth Charlton 840497, Diana Mitchell 841086, and Christine Poole 840612.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Strummers' Festival Appearance

The Tavistock Art and Music Festival is happening now and the Summerhouse Strummers were delighted to be invited to play as friends of the Tavy Tars at their event. The venue was the Tardis-like Tavy Club in King Street. Also appearing with the Tars were Squandered Youth and Roger Smith from Saltash (see the Tavy Tars website for more details).
The Strummers closed the first half with a rousing set containing Midnight Special, Whiskey in the Jar, San Francisco Bay Blues and a couple of scrumpy and western numbers, Twice Daily and Champion Dung Spreader. Most of these songs have a chorus and the audience were invited to join in, which they did with gusto!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Light refreshments and Ploughman's lunches available

Monday, 20 April 2015

Springtime in the Village

It was a beautiful day today with wall-to-wall sunshine, but a chill easterly breeze took the edge off the warmth. However, I took the opportunity to take a stroll along the lane, through the Recreation Field and on to the Quay, where work has been going on for some time to replace the broken outfall from the sewage pit.
Low tide.
Onwards I went, up Silver Street and back to the War Memorial, where Trish  Kent has been planting flowers around Lady Shelley's pump.
Blossom in the Recreation Field.

The diggers snooze in the sun.
Flowers in Silver Street.

New plants at Lady Shelley's pump.

Fundraising for the Zip Slide Repairs

Here's a message from Diana Mitchell on behalf of the Bere Ferrers Villagers' Group:
We will be holding a Plant Sale in aid of funds on Saturday 30th May at the Community Shop. Please, if possible, start finding plants, seedlings etc. to sell and spread the word.  I have “sold” some of my plants to my family and have £10 to put in the kitty to start it off!  Brian Lamb tells me that the Parish Council has given us permission to put the extra supports on the zip slide out beyond the current fenced area, and they have also offered us £50 to put towards our fund.  Many thanks to the Parish Council (and Brian for supporting our project).
I applied to the Community Shop for funds, and Caroline tells me they have agreed to donate £250. 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shop's Birthday

When asked the meaning of the word 'benign', a small boy said 'Today I be eight and tomorrow, on my birthday, I benign!' And today our Saturday Shop and Cafe (sometimes disparagingly called 'the market'!) was nine years old. Looking around it was good to see many of the faces that were there at the launch in April 2006 - and it's still as busy!
To celebrate the event, Phil Gallagher made a superb cake which soon disappeared after I'd taken some photographs!

The opening of the Shop and Cafe in 2006.

Caroline and Lesley, still on the committee

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Uncontested Election

The following have been elected as the new Parish Councillors for Bere Ferrers following an uncontested election.
This will leave two vacancies where residents may apply to the Parish Council for co-option.



CHAPMAN Doris Mary Ann

DENNIS Peter Michael Hungate

HANSON Sarah Jane

LAMB Brian

LEITHALL Richard Gary


MUNN Shirley


REED Graham Richard

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The BFS Club Entertainment for May and June

14th   Open Mic
15th   New! Games Night
23rd   Karaoke: Shane
30th   Supper Night plus an illustrated talk, ‘The History of Rail, River and Road in the Bere Peninsula’,  by Clive Charlton, Chair of the Tamar Valley Line working group.
Clive will focus mainly on the coming of the railways to the Bere Peninsula (and developments thereafter) including the LSWR's strategy for gaining their own main line into Plymouth, as well the Callington branch from Bere Alston etc.

11th   Open Mic
13th   Supper Night
19th   Games Night
27th   Karaoke: Ron

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Zip Slide Needs Urgent Work

The very popular zip slide in the Recreation Field at Bere Ferrers needs some urgent remedial work, as the end supports are becoming slightly unstable due to excessive use. The supports need to be repositioned at the platform end to go behind the platform to give it better stability. At the same time, strengthening work is required at the other end and the main cable needs replacing. The Bere Ferrers Villagers’ Group committee agreed to do all this work in one go to reduce the enormous costs of bringing machinery to the site at later dates.
However, this all costs money, a commodity of which the Group is very short. They have been given an estimate of £2,000 to cover all the work, plus any contingencies. The committee is now sourcing local grants to help with this, but any donations, however small, would be gratefully received.