Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tamar & Tavy Gig Club Regatta

The Tamar & Tavy Gig Club are holding their annual regatta at Weir Quay on Saturday 10th October. Teams from around the region will be taking part.
The first race will be the Brunel race which starts at noon. This race is approximately 7 miles long and takes the teams from Weir Quay to the Brunel railway bridge and back.
Many shorter races will follow during the afternoon. Apart from the racing there will be a barbecue selling bacon butties and burgers, a beer tent, cakes, coffees and teas and excellent draw prizes.
Come along and enjoy yourselves!


The Supper Night this Saturday 3rd has been changed. After the meal, instead of Wally's Dance Party there will be a showing on the big screen television of the vital match between England and Australia in the Rugby World Cup. Wally's Dance Party will now be on 14th November.

Monday, 28 September 2015


We are lucky to have a new resident in the village who has offered to teach people how to make the most of being online. She will be attending the AGM and will take the opportunity to find out how many villagers would be interested in learning more internet skills. If you are interested in this, please come along to the meeting.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Events at the Olde Plough

From Sarah and Ted:

Quiz night this Wednesday (30th) and Jess is back!

Friday 2nd October is Paul’s Open Mic night from 8.30 pm

Thursday 8th October is our annual Harvest Festival with entertainment from the Tavy Tars and an auction of produce after supper. Booking essential.

I think that will keep you busy for the moment, but just to let you know we are having Wednesday luncheons with guest speakers:
14th October Living Coasts Talk about their work with Paignton and Newquay zoos and their history.
28th October Haunted Devon Pubs David Hesketh is a published author of over 38 titles.
Booking essential! November dates to follow!

Sarah, Ted, family and team

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Great Western Railway is back!

Changing from FGW to GWR
Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the story of rail travel. Great Western Railway returns after nearly seventy years. And with it, the energy, vitality and excitement that inspired its original founder, the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
In September 2015, FirstGroup started the process of ‘un-branding’ the business by changing the company name from First Great Western to Great Western Railway. This won’t happen overnight, as going back to the name given to them by their illustrious founder, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is a huge step that will take time to fully introduce.

It’s more than a rebadging exercise. It’s a complete shift in their ethos as a train operator. It means they no longer behave as a franchisee, but as a custodian – responsible for reinvigorating the west by returning the railway to its former glory.

FirstGroup began operating the West’s railways in April 2006. The region brings together the former First Great Western, First Great Western Link and Wessex Trains businesses.

This is about more than a lick of paint and a new logo. This is about transformation. In all, £7.5 billion is earmarked for investment in:

- new, better, faster electric trains
- 3 million more seats
- comprehensive station upgrades
- more staff, serving you better

This ambitious programme is unprecedented since the age of steam. GWR's goal: nothing short of a renaissance of rail. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ann Jeffries is a Grandmother Again!

News has arrived that Ann Jeffries is a Grandmother again!  Her daughter Megan was safely delivered of a baby girl on 6th September. Zoe Zephyr weighed in at 7lbs 1oz at 18.17, California time.

                                                 Congratulations to all the family!

Monday, 14 September 2015

New Giant Television at the BFS Club

The Rugby World Cup starts this Friday, with England kicking off the tournament with a game against Fiji, starting at 8pm. To get the most benefit from this the BFS Club has purchased a new 65" smart television, which is now installed and ready to go!
So if you've only got a small television why not take a seat at the Club, where you can watch the game in comfort, with a couple of pints to help it along?
P.S. The pub has a band playing on Friday, so won't be showing the match (I am told).

The new tv alongside the old one. Photo: Fraser Blackhurst

Public Information Notice

                   Restorative Justice: 
A chance for crime victims to meet offenders
Anyone who’s ever been the victim of a crime, no matter how small it is perceived to be, will know that it’s not simply the immediate effects of the crime itself that are felt.  The impact can last for days, months and years, and can affect people far beyond the immediate victims.
There is now an opportunity for people who have been the victims of crime to access a restorative justice process that would give the opportunity to come face to face, or correspond, with the perpetrator, and to seek the closure they often need to be able to move on with their lives, by asking the questions that remain unanswered about the crime.
Restorative justice creates opportunities for people affected by crime, conflict, anti-social behaviour or the harmful actions of others to come together with the person responsible, and seek answers to their questions and explain the impact the incident had on them.
The process helps everyone move on.  It gives those who accept responsibility for the incident an insight into the impact of their behaviour, and creates opportunities to find ways in which they can make amends.
Everyone taking part will be supported throughout the process by one of the trained independent professionals located across Devon, who will meet with the parties involved to talk about what happened and the effect it had on them, and if both parties want to meet, this will be arranged; or if not an alternative found, such as a letter exchange or recorded meetings.
If a meeting is possible, a suitable and neutral venue for this to take place will be found, and the professional will guide the meeting to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say.  Both parties can bring a friend, family member or advocate with them, and everyone involved will be part of the planning process.
Anyone in Devon who has been a victim of a crime, and who thinks that a restorative justice process would benefit them can contact Community Solutions on 01752 304136; e-mail or use Twitter @DevonRJustice.
Restorative justice is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner as part of his responsibilities for victims of crime.