Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Notes from the BFS Club AGM

At the Annual General Meeting of the BFS Club last night (Tuesday), 30 members were in attendance.
The Club President, Frank Venning (in absentia) and the Club Chairman, Ron Ball, both stressed the need for volunteers to help with the running the Club, particularly the bar.
To paraphrase the well-known JFK saying, ‘Ask not what your Club can do for you; consider what you can do for your Club’.
The members of the committee were all re-elected unopposed, with the exception of Bev Slaughter, who resigned. His place was taken by Bridget Treliving.
Vice-Treasurer Tricia Kent gave a very illuminating presentation of how much it actually costs per year to run the Club, just to open it: a little under £10,000 – the membership fees only cover 21% of this amount.
There were two proposals, both from the Committee, and both dealing with Fees.
The Committee’s first proposal was that:
Membership Fees have to be raised, the actual amount to be voted on by
the Members. Options for the raise were: £3, £5, or £10.

Voting forms were handed out and the adjudicators collected and counted the forms.
£3     For = 3 votes
£5     For = 18 votes
£10   For = 9 votes

Total 30 votes, no abstentions.

Therefore, the annual Membership Fee for 2016 is £20 pa for Members and £15
for Senior Members.

The Committee’s second proposal was that:
The Membership Fees for new Members in their FIRST year should be as
100% of the agreed annual fee from the AGM to the following AGM
75% of the agreed annual fee from 1 June to the following AGM
50% of the agreed annual fee from 1 September to the following AGM
25% of the agreed annual fee from 1 December to the following AGM

After a show of hands, which the adjudicators counted, the result was:

For        = 29
Against = 0
Abstain = 1

Total 30 votes. The proposal was passed.
Subscriptions must be paid by the end of March. If not, the member will lose the continuity of membership.
Treasure Chest
Margaret Ball explained a new idea for the Club, which starts next Monday, 1st March. In the Club there will be a locked chest, with 20 identical keys. Only one of these keys opens the chest. This is how it works: a member comes into the Club and orders a drink. After this, the member can purchase a raffle ticket for £1, or multiple tickets. The money goes into the chest and the member is given a raffle ticket and their name, contact number and membership number is written on the ticket stub.
At the end of each Saturday, one ticket is drawn from the tickets in a bag. If the owner of this ticket is in the Club they are invited to take a key from another bag. If the member is not in the Club another member will choose a key. If the key opens the chest the money inside is divided as follows: 50% to the winner, 30% returns to the chest for the next week and 20% goes into a Christmas Draw fund.
If the key does not open the chest, it does not go back into the bag, so there are 19 keys for the second week. This continues until the chest is opened. So it could be that, say, the chest is not opened until there are only five keys left, with potentially a large prize fund inside!
This chest could raise a lot of money for the Club! But there are conditions: only members can participate and a member MUST buy a drink before buying a ticket – or three!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Sad News

It is with regret that I have to report the passing of two members of the village recently.

John Young, who died after a long illness.
Norman Grills, 94, who died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday morning.
Condolences to both families.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Featuring the Bere Alston Junior School Drummers; Crow Puppets, a female singing duo; Gypsy Train Knetzmer Band.

UK Support for Boat Refugees

Do You Have Any of the Following to Spare?
A van is taking a load of vital clothing to the island of Kos in Greece in March to help the boat refugees. Do you have any of the following that you don’t need? It must be of good quality, warm or waterproof and of any size from children to adults.

Fleece jackets
Waterproof tops or coats
Waterproof footware, preferably trainers
Waterproof ponchos
Sleeping bags

Please bring any items to the Saturday Shop or ring Anne Turner on 841464.

Thank you.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Woodlands Reminder!

Sallerton Wood Conservation Workshops ....... sign up now!!

A perfect opportunity to learn a variety of woodland crafts and skills, meet other interested people and have some fun in the woods!

Don’t forget that the first woodland conservation workshop for Bere Peninsula residents is to take place on the last Sunday of February, 28th 10am-4pm. The theme for the day will be tree coppicing. To book your place all you need to do is email or call us on 01822 841718. This workshop is completely free of charge.

There will also be an Open Woodland Development Week over the Easter period from Saturday 26th March – Saturday 2nd April inclusive. Projects for this week will likely include the construction and erection of a new woodland workshop shelter for future workshops and courses, as well as building a clay oven (including extracting clay from the streambed!), among various other activities. Volunteers are welcome to come along for single or multiple days within this period to join the work party.

Again, to reserve your place please just email:
All welcome, minors to be accompanied by an adult.

·          A packed lunch and sturdy footwear (boots not trainers) will be needed. A cooking fire and toastie makers will be at your disposal for lunches! Hot drinks and biscuits provided for all volunteers, as well as all tools required.
·          Workshop participants are asked to make their own way to Sallerton Wood (Kelly, near Lifton). Please see our website for the location (; however, directions to the woodland from the Bere Peninsula can also be emailed to you. Please car share where possible as parking at the woodland is limited.

Please also get in touch if you are in charge of or involved with a youth, school and/or other community group on the Bere Peninsula e.g. WI or gardening group, who would be interested in a woodland craft workshop, either in the woods or at your venue with our mobile workshop. Funding has been made available for such groups. Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your group, with all tools provided.