Sunday, 24 July 2016

Barbara's 95th Birthday

On Monday 25th July Barbara Bousfield reaches her 95th birthday and to celebrate this remarkable occasion family and friends joined her for a buffet lunch and drink in the newly-refurbished BFS Club today (Sunday).

Well Done, Maggie!

Well done to Maggie Willmott who recently raised an amazing £400 for St Luke's Hospice by walking 13.1 miles in pouring rain!

Friday, 22 July 2016

An Interesting Proposal

At a recent meeting of the Parish Council, one of our Councillors asked whether allotments 1, 2 and 3 on Bere Ferrers allotments could be cleared and made into extra parking for the Club and to help clear the road of camper vans, as they tend to fill the road space up and they are an eyesore. At least six are parked in the village, with one considerately parked in its own area off-road. Rent could be charged for the space yearly or monthly.

However, the Parish Clerk stated this would not be possible as the land belongs to Devon County Council and it cannot sub-let; no doubt in the future the Club could try and take over the land.

What an interesting suggestion! Perhaps if enough villagers approached Devon County Council............?

Repairs to Weir Quay Slipway

Weir Quay Slipway
Slipway Closure
Notification of Intent to Undertake Remedial Works

Closure Dates
The upper section of the slipway will be closed between Monday 8th August 2016 and Sunday 14th  August 2016 (inclusive) to enable West Devon Borough Council’s (WDBC) to undertake important remedial works.
Every effort will be made to open the slipway earlier, if possible, however this will be dependent upon the concrete curing stage.
Should you have any further questions then please call WDBC on 01822 813600.
Assets Team
West Devon Borough Council

Repairs at Bere Ferrers Quay

Bere Ferrers
Notification of Intent to Undertake Remedial Works
Project Location
Remedial works will concentrate on the interface between the existing highway and car park. This area is presented on Figure 1 (below):


Figure 1: Works Location

Scope of Remedial Works
The remedial works will comprise of:
1.       Breaking out of existing road surface at interface between highway and car park.
2.       Laying of a 125mm x 150mm precast kerb. Only a 25mm upstand will be visible above ground level and the purpose of this is to improve the stability at this interface and to also act to limit the amount of surface water entering the car park area and disturbing the hard core.
3.       Make good front of kerb (highway side).
4.       Make up levels on inward side of interface.
5.       Install narrow section of tarmac on the inward side of interface to further reduce deterioration caused by the turning of larger delivery vehicles into this space.
Programme Dates
Works are scheduled to take place on Thursday 4th August 2016 and Friday 5th August 2016
Should you have any further questions then please call WDBC on 01822 813600.
Assets Team
West Devon Borough Council