Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Loyalty at the Pub

First, the bad news! The Olde Plough Inn has scrapped its loyalty scheme!
Now the good news! They’ve got a brand new one which benefits everyone – if you use Swipii!
What’s Swipii? I hear you yell. Well, it’s a new loyalty system bursting out all over the country. For the Plough, it means that customers are rewarded for visiting the pub, not how much money they spend. They are also contactable by email with pub news and special offers, etc. If you have a smart phone you must download the app and initially scan it into a special tablet at the pub and register your email address. Then, every time you go to the pub you scan the Swipii QR image on the special tablet and you are immediately credited with five points. If you’re still in the pub after two hours you can scan it again and get another five points.
If you don’t have a smart phone and can’t download the app, ask Sarah and she will give you a small plastic tag with which to register and use.
The more points you get the bigger the prizes – for instance, get 40 points and you get a free drink. Can’t be bad!
The app/tag can be used at any participating outlets, such as the Original Pasty House in Tavistock. Each outlet where you use Swipii will have your own account, so you can’t use your Plough points at the Pasty Shop, for instance.
Don’t forget to ask for your Swipii next time you go to the pub!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Red Nose Evening a Big Success

The BFS Club was packed last night for the biennial extravaganza that is Red Nose Day. The mainstay of the evening was the biggest quiz in the village this year, with twelve teams partaking, under my watchful eye as Quizmaster. The event was controlled impeccably (as one would expect) by Eddie Ember as Chairman for the night. In between rounds of the quiz there were other activities on hand, such as One Eyed Darts, Best Comedy Clip and Blind Skittles. The interesting game was Rataoke, where participants 'ratted' on their friends and voted for them to sing a chosen song. The 'winner' was the exciting new duo of Hinge and Law, who delighted the audience with their rendition of 'Yellow Submarine'.
The Knitathon raised over £600 and thanks must go to all those folk who diligently knitted for hours and hours over the past few weeks under the guidance of ace knitter Maggie Willmott. The total raised over the past month or so, with the various Guess How Many... things in a bottle, was just over £1,500!! There was also a reaffle, with a host of fantastic prizes donated by various organisations, including two return tickets to anywhere on the GWR network.
Photo: Ember
Thanks go to Linda and Caroline, who organised and guided the team through yet another extraordinary Red Nose is still coming in!!
Photo: Ember

Photo: Ember

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bere Ferrers Parish Council

 Bere Ferrers Parish Council
Will be held in the Parish Hall,
Bere Alston on
                               Tuesday 28th March at 8pm.

Reports on the year’s work of the Parish Council.

Strategy & Planning Manager
for Devon & Cornwall
                               Police Crime Commissioner.
        Any questions would be gratefully received in advance.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Refurbished Railings

Those observant villagers who walked past the church hall in the last couple of days will have noticed (unlike me!) that the cast iron railings outside the hall were missing and lengths of rope were in their place. The railings are being refurbished by the craftsmen at Princetown Forge and a couple of sections have been returned, treated and painted in red primer.
Today the uprights were sanded down before they receive their primer and the railings are welded back in place. The remaining sections will follow on afterwards.
Adrian Mitchell, who arranged the work, said 'This refurbishment has been paid for by sales from the table in the hall foyer run by Ann Street'. So it important that we keep using this important source of funding for these sort of jobs.

Monday, 20 March 2017


A request has been received for an election to fill the vacancy sadly left by the death of Cllr Mike Benson.
As the election will be combined and held on the same day as the Devon County Council election (4th May 2017), the deadline dates for nominations will be the same.
The period to submit nomination papers is tight: WDBC can’t start to accept them until 27th March, and they must be handed in by 4pm on 4th April, which only gives one week and one day.  If anyone is interested in standing as our Borough Ward Councillor please contact Robin Musgrave AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Nomination papers are being prepared and they will be available next week.